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The newest Dior Kids AW 18 campaign is in the spirit of commotion, anarchy and the happiness of young children.

Busy hands are happy hands! You will definitely find the Dior Kids AW 2018 collection entertaining.

Martina Šmalclová
17.Sep 2018
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Dior Kids AW 18

Make them crazy, in style!

Every parent knows what we are talking about: Even the nicest child can be a terror at times! And the deluxe Dior brand is well aware of this, as it demonstrated when it presented one of the most playful, entertaining and most realistic AW 2018 campaigns. What could the subtitle be? If your bundles of joy make you crazy, then they should at least look stylish while they do it!

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Martina Šmalclová
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

Anarchy rules at deluxe Dior

We truly fell in love with this beautiful campaign full of optimism, colours and smiles. In this campaign the young models demonstrate anarchy during a music lesson, walk though the hall of a house with a pony or don skates and enjoy a birthday party accompanied by deluxe glitter and colourful balloons. Viewers may even forget to look at the items the AW 18 collection actually consists of...

Princess style dresses for little girls

The deluxe AW18 collection consists of light frothy princess dresses in cream and pastel shades, suitable for even the most elegant occasions. Dior has prepared knitted sweaters, denim jackets, vests, tunics and long-sleeved blouses for the cooler weather. And when it gets really cold? Then you can dress your little princesses in the most stylish coats, and there is truly a lot to choose from this year!

Pronájem bytu se zahradou, 98 m2 – Praha
Pronájem bytu se zahradou, 98 m2 – Praha, Praha 5

We envy the children these items!

The collection includes a red coat made from cashmere and wool, a sailor’s wool coat, sports jackets or a fur-trimmed nylon parka. And which item was our favourite? Definitely the candy pink coat made from cashmere wool with the flower appliqué, it’s perfect!

From sporting to first-rate elegance

And Dior also has something for the boys. The brand has created a deluxe collection for boys full of elegant jackets, shirts and moccasins, athletic tennis shoes, bomber jackets, knitted sweaters, stylish trousers or fleece sweatshirts.

Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The perfect collection for prominent mothers

The legendary busy bee, as the emblem of the Christian Dior children’s collection, has proven its significance once again! The well thought out and practically perfect AW 2018 collection is something that prominent mothers must take note of. Yes, I know the word “prominent” gives the impression of a class divide, but we won’t lie to ourselves: not every child is able to wear clothes worth tens of thousands of Crowns!

But back to fashion! Of course I was most amazed by the girl’s section of the collection. Particularly the light pink coat embellished with a pink flower. It reminded me a lot of my own coat as a child by KENZO. Ohhhhh, the memories! But if you are worried that this shade of pink is impractical for autumn and muddy walks, then I have a tip for you! Tell your daughter a story about a magic coat from the land of the winter lady that must not touch the ground or a dirty bench, otherwise it will lose its magical power. And you've won! You won’t have to run to the dry cleaners every time your daughter wears it! And if you plan on only letting your daughter wear this item on more festive occasions, I wouldn’t worry too much. Let her wear it to nursery school if she wants. She’ll soon grow out of it.

You may be surprised, but I was also quite pleased with the boy’s section. Particularly the seemingly inconspicuous grey sweatshirt with the modern concept of the Dior slogan on it, which is semi-transparent. I would style this sweatshirt with the red trousers and the gold tennis shoes. Even boys can wear gold!

Ornella Koktová
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