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Break the piggybank and get a sausage at the Christmassy Old Town Square!

Eva Ledecká
03.Dec 2017
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How much money will you need this year to enjoy a luxurious holiday atmosphere at the Christmas markets on Old Town Square? We have mapped this year’s price for you! Do you have enough money in your piggybank? 

Something to warm up?

Most of us look forward to mulled wine or punch. You will pay 60 CZK for it on Old Town Square. You can choose from blueberry, sour cherry or apply punch. At some stands, they will ask 80 CZK for punch, and the alcohol-free version, ideal for children, costs 50 CZK. Tea and coffee also cost 60 CZK, but if you visit the stand near the lookout bridge, it is half the price! Don’t forget to try luxurious honey wine, which will warm you up for 49 CZK (0.08 l) or 89 CZK (1.15 l).

What to taste?

Are you hungry? You will certainly choose something here, on the most famous Czech square! For instance, the Grill near St. Nicholas church offers sausages in a baguette (80 CZK), chicken skewers in a baguette (120 CZK), corn on the cob (60 CZK), hot dogs (45 CZK) or goulash soup (60 CZK). Soups are also available at another “specialised” stand, with garlic, pea or goulash soup at 89 CZK. There is also Hungarian fried bread, potato pancakes and potato spirals, all for 60 CZK. You can indulge in a classic sausage for 70 or 80 CZK.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

You can also have Slovakian gnocchi (100 g for 49 CZK) or traditional Prague ham (100 g for 99 CZK). Truly “luxurious” prices, wouldn’t you say? You can have a beer at the same stand for 60 CZK or a Coca-Cola or water in a small PET bottle for the same price. Not thirsty anymore? You’re not the only ones!

Something sweet to finish

Are you craving something sweet! Time for a crepe! You can have one for 90 or 99 CZK. Donut costs 79 CZK, a funnel cake 60 CZK. Appease the children with various gummies and candies (100 g for 48 CZK). And what kind of market would it be if there were no luxurious roasted chestnuts? You can buy 100 grams for 75 CZK.

Buy Christmas decorations!

It’s time to take a look at stands that offer Christmas decorations and other items. You can give your Christmas tree a makeover this year with decorations from Old Town Square:

Glass Christmas balls (painted): 200-290 CZK/pcs

Small bead decorations: 100 CZK/pcs

Crocheted decorations: 50-120 CZK/pcs

Straw angel: 80-120 CZK/pcs

Wooden decorations: 20 CZK/pcs

Small straw decorations: 70 CZK/pcs

Various classic decorations: 80-90 CZK/pcs

Stuffed angels: 150 CZK

You can also buy gingerbread cookies (45-255 CZK), cookie cutters (50 or 95 CZK), a ceramic nativity set (990 CZK) or Christmas candles (140 or 220 CZK).

Souvenir of Prague

Tourists from the Czech Republic and abroad often reach for a souvenir. How about a luxurious cup with an image of Prague (190 CZK), or a traditional mug from the market (60 CZK)? Ceramic magnets cost 120 CZK and pictures of our magical capital city cost anywhere between 50 CZK or 650 CZK.

If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, you can have your caricature drawn: 400 CZK in black-and-white and 600 CZK in colour.

That about sums up everything you can spend money on at the Christmas markets in Old Town Square. If you run out of cash, the organisers have also installed an ATM among the stands, so NO STRESS! 

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