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Designers have gathered in one place and are selling luxury original fashion.

A boutique full of Czech and Slovak fashion brands finally in Prague!

Dominika Žejdl
20.Oct 2018
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Nikol Moravcová with her mother and friend

It the heart of beautiful Prague, a new designer boutique, D.designers: Store & Atelier, has been opened in Týnská Street, and offers luxurious fashion clothing and accessories from Czech and Slovak designers.

The exclusivity is that, in addition to the boutique, there is also a studio here where customers can have special pieces tailor-made. Naturally, we couldn't miss the opening of this beautiful place, and neither did the famous blogger and model Nikol Moravcová. What was the event like and which designers sell their goods in the boutique?

Fashion that thinks about nature and people, sewn in "slow fashion" style

Owner Jana Ješková, aka designer Jenny Jeshko, talked about the purpose of opening the luxury boutique. Of course, she mentioned that the work of the skilled designers adheres to the rules that they make on their own in the Czech Republic and thus meet and promote the motto of SLOW FASHION. Slow fashion emphasizes craftsmanship, quality and tradition with respect for biodiversity and human rights. So you can be sure that you are paying for real quality work in the boutique!

"Our great advantage is also the studio that can accept orders during opening hours. So the customer can have anything tailor-made, or adjust pieces from the collection. We have also prepared "one piece only" hot items, which we will have available in one piece only, so they will be exclusive pieces for true fashion lovers," says owner Jana Ješková.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Which designers does the boutique offer?

In addition to the owner and designer Jenny Jeshko, the boutique also offers the successful Czech designer Pavel Berky, designer Denisa Nová, tailor Roman Humlíček with his jeans for men and ladies, Tamara Bodnárová, Rebeka Monhartová with knitted caps, popular Slovak designers Jana Jurčenko and Zuzana Haková, sporty fashion from Aida Style. Also, Tereza Ujevičová, luxurious jewelry by Thereska, Tamara Kostkovská and her wire jewelry, Robert and Ivan Ondráček with metal butterflies, jewels from Klára Bílá, elegant fashion by Hermine Khalaf, and others. There is truly a lot to choose from.

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