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Bouquet of Folk Legends, Vondráčková´s Hits or the Celebration of the Revolution: Theatre Premières in 2019

Jana Fikotová
17.Jan 2019
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It´s been thirty years now since the November Velvet Revolution took place, which will also be reflected in theatre premières. There is a full year of historic repertoire ahead. A lot of space was also devoted to musicals. In addition to return of titles such as Evita, Hair, Old Men at a Hops Harvest, Jackal Years, A Well Paid Walk or Voskovec and Werich´s adaptation of Finian's Rainbow, the Prague Hybernia theatre will show its revival musical, Galileo, and fans of songs of Helena Vondráčková will enjoy a musical at Prague theatre Broadway, Mandrake Blossom from the creators of the successful play, Soap Prince.


18.1. NA MANINÁCH THEATRE - INTIMATE STORIES FROM PARADISE. A humorous vision of Eden, where with humour, details of coexistence of men and women are revealed. The première of Intimate Stories took place in Barcelona in the seventies of the last century. Cast Jitka Ježková and Robert Jaškóv.

24. 1. NA JEZERCE THEATRE - THE GLORY OF MACHINES AND CITIES. A story of a German editor and two American engineers at a Czech beekeeper allows fruitful meeting of completely different approaches to life and creativity. Jaroslav Dušek, as the director of this upcoming novelty will appear in many roles, including female ones.

24. 1. MUSIC THEATRE KARLIN - THE MERRY WIDOW. One of the most famous operettas of all time, The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár, is to be presented in co-production of the Music Theatre Karlín and the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen. The production, directed by Martin Otava is to present Lívia Obručník Vénosová, Pavla Břínková, Michaela Nosková, Vlastimil Zavřel, Jan Ježek, Aleš Briscein, Roman Hoza and Dalibor Gondík.

30.1. THEATRE NA MANINÁCH - MISS JULIA. August Strindberg - in his time a controversial writer and playwright, tells in his most well-known drama the deeply intimate story of the main heroine. You can look forward to actors such as Jan Révai, Lucie Jagerčíková or Františka Stropnická


6. 2. HYBERNIA THEATRE - GALILEO. A return of a musical in its original starry cast, to introduce one man, one truth, one sun, one religion, one love, one country, one question, one answer, ´and yet it moves´. 

28. 2. THE NATIONAL THEATER - A BOUQUET OF FOLK LEGENDS. The biggest event of the first half of the year shall take place at the National Theatre. Erben´s Bouquet will be directed by the SKUTR duo. Taťána Medvecká is to appear as the mother in Vodyanoy, František Němec will play the father in Lady Midday and actress Iva Janžurová is to appear in Christmas Day.

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy


8. 3. THEATRE NA VINOHRADECH - FANNY AND ALEXANDER. The theatre adaptation of the Oscar-winning film will show phenomenal actress, Regína Rázlová, in the main role.

14. 3. THEATRE BROADWAY - MANDRAKE BLOSSOM. Lovers of musicals are sure to be pleased by this one, put together according to Helena Vondráčková´s songs. In the main roles you will be able to see Miroslav Etzler or Ivana Chýlková.

28. 3. THE NATIONAL THEATRE - SWAN LAKE. The most famous classical ballet title of all time. This ballet is through its fairytale story able to play at the heartstrings of the audience during any era. 

30.3 MUNICIPAL PRAGUE THEATRES - A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE MOVEMENT. The stage of the Comedy Theatre will introduce a novel about re-education of men in near future. German Director Armin Petras brought the work of Petra Hůlová onto the stage.


17. 4. THE NATIONAL THEATRE - TRAMVESTIE. The opera loosely follows on the eponymous collection of Pavel Novotný´s poems. The original texts are based on recordings, which were in the years 2006 and 2016 captured in the car of tram No. 11 on route Liberec - Jablonec nad Nisou. The voices you hear talking, reflect the surroundings, describe the journey, bring details about fates associated with the line. An unusual musical work in which several of these voices are blended, is inspired not only by texts from the book Tramvestie, but also the eponymous radio format.

27. 4. ŠANDA´S THEATRE - BARREL AND BOB. Popularity of two actors famous thanks to a TV detective series is being permanently undermined by poisonous comments made by critic Jindřich Jebavý. Of course, they could just leave it alone. But they are actors! Moreover, the chance of a revenge is now at hand. Once and for all, all grudges will be settled ...


16. 5. THE NATIONAL THEATRE - Love for three Oranges. This year it will be exactly one hundred years since this opera was created. One of the most famous and most successful works of Sergei Prokofjev, it is filled to the brim with "jokes, irony, satire, as well as a deeper meaning”.

23. 5. THE ESTATES THEATER - MISANTROP. Director Jan Frič is preparing Misantrop, where in his modern take on Moliere´s famous work will appear actress Kateřina Winterová, actor Vladimír Javorský, or actor David Matásek.


6. 6. NEW SCENE - SPEECH TO THE NATION. The variation of texts of the Italian writer, playwright, director and actor, Ascanio Celestini, will present Lucie Juřičková and Saša Rašilov in the main roles. 

7. 6. STUDIO TWO - OLD MEN AT A HOPS HARVEST. Under the supervision of Darina Abrahámová and Adam Kraus is to be presented this new adaptation of the popular musical Old Men at a Hops Harvest. The play is to be staged at the Summer Scene Vyšehrad and the Citadel Divice. The audience will be able to appreciate Ivan Lupták, Berenika Kohoutová, Zlata Adamovská or Petr Štěpánek.

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