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BMW i 8 Roadster as an artist‘s canvas. The author of the 4 elements is Milan Kunc

Eva Ledecká
28.Feb 2019
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The unique BMW 4 elements as an artwork by acclaimed Czech-German artist Milan Kunc. His work is an attempt to bring attention to issues such as the environment or sustainability. This revolutionary plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i 8 Roadster became his canvas.

The inspiring work was created in collaboration with the Prague gallery Cerman Eisenkraft, and after it will finish its rounds of exhibitions and sold, the money will go to the funding of the non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup, which focuses on cleaning the ocean from plastics.

The title 4 elements refers to water, fire, earth, and air, the balance of which forms the basis of life on our planet.

You will find the element of air represented by a butterfly on the hood. On the right side, there is the element of air and of earth as well.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

‚Wind power stations which are represented here utilize the power of the wind, a renewable source of energy. Flowers, bees, birds and animals then represent balance in nature.‘ the artist explains.

The left side is assigned to the water element, and the back to fire.

‚The fire here symbolizes a source of energy necessary for sustaining life and its development. Also the propelling energy forward – the moter, the heart of the car‘ says Milan Kunc.

The fact, that is a luxury car can be seen from its golden base paint containing 24 carat gold.

BMW 4 elements will be shown in various places and exhibitions. Its first stop is the Prague showroom of the company Invelt, where the car will be displayed until the middle of March. One of its other stops will be the famous Munich BMW museum.

A few words about the artist

Milan Kunc (1944) is a painter, who has worked during his professional life in Germany, Italy, Usa, Netherlands, India and the Czech Republic, where he was based from the year 2004. He is considered to be a representative of pop surrealism, Ost Pop or the low-brow movement. His drawings, photo collages or paintings on canvas or gold leaf are famous all over the world.

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