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The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is an electric bike with of a great and functional design. Of course all backed by exclusivity of the BMW brand, one of the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers.

BMW Active Hybrid E-bike Saves Your Energy, Taking You Very Far Indeed!

Eva Ledecká
24.Feb 2018
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BMW Active Hybrid e-bike

BMW Bikes

The collection has a new addition. The luxurious BMW Active Hybrid e-bike stands out for its superb sleek and perfect driving characteristics. Basically in the same way as do the excellent BMW cars. We appreciate the simple, minimalistic design! 

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike
Luxurious seat Selle Royale
BMW Active Hybrid e-bike

The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike in a nutshell

The BMW Active Hybrid is a luxurious bicycle with a 250 W Brose electric motor with and torque of 90 Nm. The source of energy is a replaceable battery with a capacity of 504 Wh with which you can ride up to 100 km. On the bike you will find a display on which you can set the level of engine support when pedalling. There is an ECO mode, which adds 50% or TURBO which can give you up to 275% extra.

BMW cannot but give away its feel for design!

The engine as well as the battery are fully-integrated into the aluminium frame so you can admire the absolutely perfect, sleek lines. The bike has a luxurious sporty design, combining matte black and silver colours.

Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem
Luxusní dům na prodej se zahradou a bazénem, Praha 9

Company Selle Royale assigned the design of the luxury seat to the notable studio Designworks, subsidiary of the BMW Group. This gave rise to an innovative saddle eZone, providing a stable basis and improving balance when accelerating or braking. The luxury seat is thanks to its gel infill extremely comfortable, too. Cycling is thus accessible to those who do not have a sufficient stamina or those who like very long expeditions. And what do you say to this piece?

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