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3D printing represents an amazing technology which is also possible to use in production of jewellery. Modern and timeless jewellery manufactured by using 3D printing may be found under the Czech brand, Blueberries.

Blueberries - that is Timeless Czech Jewellery Created by 3D Printing!

Eva Ledecká
01.Apr 2018
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Star Nylon collection

If you have not had the luck to have time to visit this year´s Designblok, where the luxurious jewellery of the creative duo have been exhibited, you now have the opportunity to get an insight into their production in our article. Or you can visit the Prague showroom of the jewellery and design studio, Blueberries: there are luxurious pieces to be seen aplenty! 

We have already written about 3D printing in connection with building construction, Building Houses through 3D Printing, in which the notable Czech architect, Eva Jiřičná, voiced her opinions on the new emerging technologies. Now we have focused on the printing of earrings, necklaces and luxurious bracelets. We don´t need to look far, in the Czech Republic there are plenty of talented and award-winning designers. Our path led to one of them: jeweller Markéta Richterová and designer Zbyněk Krulich who produce their creations under the brand name Blueberries.

Interesting materials and timeless design in the heart of old Prague

Originally, the material used for the production of the first collection in Blueberries was nylon, a hard and flexible plastic with velvety matte finish, often used for 3D printing. However, in the course of time they began to focus on more luxurious materials.

"Most of the jewellery is made of silver in several types of plating. A favourite variation is also brass gilded by 18-carat gold or pure gold."

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

The latest collection is Infinity...

... There you can admire tiny particles resembling representation of molecules which together create a unique whole in the form of a luxurious timeless jewel. Inspiration is drawn from natural organic as well as inorganic structures.

Production of one such jewel takes, according to complexity of a particular design, approximately four to six weeks. If you would like to view these interesting designer jewels, visit the showroom Backyard at Jirchářích 8, Prague 1, where the workshop is also located.

Awards won by the non-traditional jewellery

The Blueberries brand won in the category Best Jewellery Design in the competition Czech Grand Design 2012, with several nominations under the belt, too, this year including.

The brand also won the award Dolce Vita for the Best Jewel at the DesignSUPERMARKET (DSM), an award at Fashionclash Festival and a presentation thanks to support of DSM and the Czech Centre in the Netherlands.

They have also actively participated in the international conference on 3D printing Materialise World Conference.

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Blueberries Jewelry
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