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The combination of two fashion stars, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, gave birth to the Fendi Spring/Summer 2018 Women Collection that underlines femininity.

Blue Hair, seductive shoulders: Fendi S/S 2018

Martina Šmalclová
24.Oct 2017
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Shoulders in the lead role! It looks like the luxury Fendi brand has decided to shift attention to the neglected part of the female body. For Spring/Summer collection, it decided to show the shoulders and to leave the otherwise popular décolleté aside.

Sensuality and geometric shapes

Sensuality, triangulation and geometric shapes combined with structured lines became the dominant elements of the sensual Fendi women collection Spring/Summer 2018.

Female curves and lines become crucial, and luxury models with refined cuts and exposed shoulders come in line. The models are celebrating femininity, narrowing at the waist, extending from the waist down, or on the other hand, staying in a straight line, enhancing feminine shapes.

There are not limits in terms of materials. Pair of Creative Directors, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, decided to use transparent fabrics, leather, fur, denim, cotton, nylon and luxury silk.

Ideal length? Midi!

The key pieces of the collection are dresses and skirts in the midi length, complemented by high-cut slits, airy blouses and blouses, models with tropical and floral patterns and fur coats and leather coats. But here it is - show your shoulders! Whilst some models can be described as fairly modest, handbags are completely opposed.

The less the ostentatious the models, the more eccentricity of the handbags. Definitely do not look for minimalism in them, but get ready for quite distinctive decorations and unusual shapes. Simplicity on the one hand and pompousness on the other hand give the models a luxurious touch and hand in hand become a murderous combination.

Byt na prodej Praha 3 - 119m
Byt na prodej Praha 3 - 119m, Praha 3

Italian futurism with tropical air

A pair of creative directors found inspiration in Italian futurism and tropics. Their endeavour was to capture a dynamic modern style that characterised this avant-garde artistic style that originated in the early 20th Century. The wide range of Caribbean colours in the colours of marine blue, sand creamy, coral pink, tropical green and earthy brown gave the models elegance and subtlety.

The Fendi show was spectacular complemented by untraditional styling of models. The blue-coloured hair has become an interesting diversion of the entire show and we look forward to what Fendi will come next with.

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