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On Wednesday, life in the Czech Republic will change again.

Blanket closure of schools, restaurants and bars. What else will change from Wednesday?

Linda Veselá
12.Oct 2020
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Roman Prymula v černé roušce a obleku

Despite the fact that a number of measures in connection with the Covid-19 infection entered into force today, the government immediately announced new measures. These should apply from Wednesday. Minister of Health Roman Prymula introduced them to people on his Twitter before the press conference.

With the exception of kindergartens, all schools are closing

From Wednesday, all schools except kindergartens will transfer to distance learning. They should reopen on November 2. The measure will be introduced despite the fact that it was only today that the previous change in teaching for primary school pupils entered into force - half of them were to be educated at home and half were to attend in person, taking turns each week.

According to Babiš, the measure might negatively affect both employers and parents:

"We decided to do it just like during the first wave - schools to provide care for the staff of the integrated rescue system and especially for nurses, doctors and social workers."

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Chlapec sedí s rouškou ve třídě
Chlapec sedí s rouškou ve tříděSource:

Closed bars and restaurants

Restaurants and bars will close, available will be only take-away. The only exception will be hotel restaurants , which can serve their guests until 8:00 pm. Minister of Health Roman Prymula has outlined the measure:

"The operation of restaurants has been banned, with only a dispensing window allowed. It will be open until 8:00 pm."

Byt na prodej - Praha 8 - Libeň - 85m
Byt na prodej - Praha 8 - Libeň - 85m, Praha 8

Maximum of six and no alcohol

Drinking alcohol in public will also be banned. People will newly have to wear masks or other protective breathing equipment at mass transit stops, gathering will be limited to a maximum of six people.

"We are aware that we have only one attempt. One attempt that has to be successful,"

added Babiš. The measures will take effect at midnight on October 14, and most will apply until the end of the state of emergency, i.e. until November 3. According to Babiš, if the reproduction number decreases to 0.8 per week, the measures will be relaxed.

According to the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček, the ideal "recipe" is to go to work, buy some groceries and stay at home for the rest of the day.

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Žena má a tváři roušku a vypadá smutně
Žena má a tváři roušku a vypadá smutněSource:

New measures entered into force on Monday

The next wave of measures has been in force since today, the government approved them on Thursday. Theaters, monuments, cinemas, exhibitions, fairs and almost all sports venues are closed for the next two weeks. Only 10 people are allowed to take part in religious events. Also from today, visits to hospitals and homes for the elderly are banned. Public offices have changed their opening hours.

On Sunday, tests revealed 3,100 newly infected people. At present, 59,920 people are ill and more than 1,000 people have succumbed to the disease. The Czech Republic saw a record increase in new cases on Friday, when 8,615 poeple tested positive.

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