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Black Friday is a special day of substantial discounts. Traders and brands from all over the world discount their products, people shop. And not only the people! This year a goat learnt of the discounts of the Black Friday too, and went to check it out, straight in the Pařížská Street!

Black Friday – a Goat in the Pařížská Street!

Eva Ledecká
24.Nov 2017
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It is not known how, but the news of Black Friday spread also into the realm of animals! What would a goat be otherwise doing on 24. 11. in the Prague Pařížská Street, which is full of luxury fashion, jewelry and other highly prized products? Did she want to have a look at the newly opened Céline boutique and perhaps purchase a new Hublot watch in the discount?

Do not miss probably the funniest video from this day! 

A week after the making of the video with the goat, who embarked on a tour of the most luxurious street of Prague, the editors of Luxury Prague Life managed to establish her origin. The animal shopaholic escaped from the nearby live nativity set in Malé náměstí square, which it shares with several of her colleagues. According to one local operator, it is common that some inhabitant of the enclosure jumps over the low fence and goes to explore the excitements of the capital city.

But the hunt on animal refugees is often very difficult. Our goat, called Božena, was caught by the local authorities only after an hour of a futile game of ´cat and mouse´, and they would perhaps not even manage if the police did not come to give them a hand. Meanwhile, our heroine managed to go from the Pařížská Street all the way to Letná.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

While this Božena has a shopping spree on her mind, the other residents seem to prefer art expeditions. In the past, one of the animals walked directly into the Prague National Gallery, we were told by the manager off the camera. If no one intervened in a timely manner, it would be admiring the Medieval Art in Bohemia and Moravia still.

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