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Joan Collins paired her name with the luxury brand Valentino.

Bitch Alexis from the legendary Dynasty series: At the age of 90, she looks radiant in a Valentino campaign!

Martina Šmalclová
30.Nov 2019
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A bitch with a great taste

When the legendary show Dynasty aired, everyone hated her. Not the actress, of course, but her character Alexis Colby, who was a textbook bitch with an excellent fashion taste - flamboyant hats, fur coats, and luxurious shimmering dresses were her domain. What does the famous actress look like today?

When age is just a number

Almost 40 years have passed since Dynasty first aired. The lead actors have aged and some of them are no longer among us. Not even Joan Collins managed to figure out how to stop time and celebrated a respectable 86th birthday six months ago. Yet with the nineties knocking on her door, she didn't fall into oblivion and lost none of her grace - on the contrary. This year, she decided to show off her beauty in the Valentino Christmas campaign.

Krystle vs. Alexis

Joan Collins would effortlessly put her main on-screen rival Krystle, portrayed by actress Linda Evans, who is almost 10 years her junior, to shame.

Red diva dressed in glitter and glamor

In Valentino's campaign, Joan Collins is simply irresitible. She exudes sex appeal and an endless amount of energy that will infect you after the first few seconds. In a divine red lace robe from Valentino and adorned with luxurious gems, she will also perform a peculiar fan dance in the middle of the spot, making you realize once again that the familiar cliché "age is only a number" might have a point.

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Joan Collins' secret recipe

How is it possible that the British actress looks so amazing even at an advanced age and has more energy than some of her much younger colleagues?

"Life is a predator: you have to eat it before it eats you," she reveals her secret recipe.

And what models has Valentino prepared for you as part of this year's campaign? Unsurprisingly, they're in the shade of Christmas red!


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