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It's not a novelty, but maybe many of you do not know about it. A bicycle made of gold. Can you imagine showing up on a golden bike somewhere in the middle of Šumava?

A bicycle made almost entirely of gold. Do you know how much it is worth?

Eva Ledecká
30.Sep 2018
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Bicycle made of 24k gold

If you like extremes on the road, this luxury bike will thrill you! Not so much with its solid frame and wide tires (it's a fat bike), but with its appearance and mainly the material used. This luxury bike is made of 24 carat gold!

Most of the gilded bicycles that were produced usually had a gilded fork, frame and some components depending on the bicycle's construction. However, this model is really almost entirely covered with gold, everything including the brakes. Its full real name is the Beverly Hills Edition 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike.

This is an extreme mountain bike, produced by The House of Solid Gold together with Dan Bull. The completion of the entire bike took about 750 hours, in addition to gold it is adorned with the THSG sign with 600 black diamonds and 500 gold sapphires. An exclusive edition of 24 carat gold and Swarovski crystals made it the most expensive golden bike in the world.

And what is the price of such a luxury bike?

An unbelievable $ 1,000,000. So you don't have to spend a lot of time converting it, it's about 22,180,500 CZK. And as a bonus for such an amount you will receive a luxury gold-plated water bottle with a chocolate brown coating. A beautiful gesture, don't you think? This edition has been produced in 13 pieces, but we didn't manage to find out if there are any left.

You can love or hate it, but this mega opulent luxury machine will hardly provoke a neutral reaction.

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