Between abstraction and reality: works by Jakub Tomáš at a new exhibition in Špálovka

Václav Špála Gallery, Jakub Tomáš, Stromolezec: 27. 6. - 1. 9. 2019
26.Jun 2019
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Václav Špála Gallery has prepared a unique exhibition of the Czech artist Jakub Tomáš called Stromolezec for the visitors for the summer. The opening will take place on June 27, 2019. Let's take a look at what paintings we can look forward to.

Works leaving room for imagination

What we see on the canvases of Jakub Tomáš could hardly be called reality, on the other hand, we cannot talk about abstraction here either. And that is what is attractive about his luxury works: moving towards reality, but leaving enough room for the imagination of every particular observer. His compositions usually consist of collages or small paper models.

Like abstraction and reality, various motifs blend in his paintings. Once it may be pagan rituals, the second time the paintings bear the renaissance subtext, sometimes we would boldly paint his paintings as bearers of modernism.

Luxusní penthouse Troja 550m
Luxusní penthouse Troja 550m, Praha 7

Reflection of own experience

All the works of this artist are based on his own experience, and although they can seem cheerful with their colors, it's just a trick and beyond the first impression we can find traces of fear and despair.

Are you wondering how the works of Jakub Tomáš will impress you at the exhibition called Stromolezec? Do not miss the exhibition at the Václav Špála Gallery, which will last until September 1, 2019.

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