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Royal drinks of noble names. What makes them so unique? Let’s have a look at how these masterpieces are made.

Beluga, Grey Goose and Belvedere vodkas: Sharp Taste of Luxury

Mgr. Jana Höger
08.Nov 2016
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Vodka Beluga

Beluga Vodka – luxurious Aztec water from Siberia

The authors of the luxurious Beluga vodka strived to create a Russian vodka of the highest quality and purity. This “clear Aztec water from Siberia” boasts a noble taste and spirit. Its premium quality is a result of a unique approach to the production of this spirit. The liquid is whiter than snow and is made naturally, without any synthetic additives. When holding a bottle of this drink, focus on the details – the shape of its design, a cork embedded in wax, gift package sewn by hand by Beluga Allure. The design of the bottle was inspired by the appearance of ancient French cognac bottles. The bottle is made of optical glass with a heavy bottom and guarantees quality. The price ranges from 953 CZK to 4,169 CZK, depending on type.


Vodka Belvedere
Belvedere RED
Vodka Grey Goose

Grey Goose – a touch of France

Grey Goose is a line of ultra-premium vodkas for gourmets made in France as a luxurious vodka for the American market. If you want to taste a part of fiery France, have a drink of this sweetish liquid and your whole body will come alive with a symphony of tastes. The drink combines the aroma of French bread and green pepper with French wheat. Sophisticated taste together with premium production processes are what make this vodka unique. The price ranges from 122 to 2,200 CZK.

Belvedere – a royal drink

The place of origin of the Belvedere vodka is the small Polish town of Zyrardow in the Mazovian Lowland, west of Warsaw, where it has been produced for over 600 years. This company with a long history takes pride in its original recipe and distillation method. The vodka is distilled four times from a single type of grain and the Dańkowskie Złote wheat. Its proud name means a beautiful view (from Italian bel vedere) and is also based on the name of a historical monument, the former seat of Polish kings and presidents. An illustration of the palace appears on each bottle and epitomizes that the Belvedere vodka is an excellent and highly luxurious drink – as also becomes clear at first sight and at first taste. This vodka is characterized by a sweetish taste with a clean aftertaste and its price starts at 700 CZK.

Loftové byty v Praze 400m
Loftové byty v Praze 400m, Praha 6

A fact that helps

The Belvedere Vodka, specifically the RED bottles, is a proud partner of a project that supports the fight against HIV. In 2016 the singer John Legend was also part of the project and created the motto of the whole campaign: Safety, change, support, unity. The design of the Belvedere vodka bottle supporting the campaign was created by the South African artist Esther Mahlangu in the style of the African Ndebele tribe.


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