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Through vintage style you can conjure a luxurious interior before you know it.

The Beauty of the Old Times: Vintage Style is No ´Retro´!

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12.Mar 2019
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Anglická sezóna (English Season)

What characterises it?

The word 'vintage' could be interpreted as something old, of a previous era, or classic. But it is not a retro style with its specific rules. Vintage style goes hand in hand with quality. The features gain value and beauty over time.

The hallmark of time and patina are its essential part

Another prominent dominating feature of vintage style is the hallmark of time. The items in this style may bear the tooth of the time; this is actually wanted. You do not need to worry about imperfections of your interior furnishings; it is on the contrary a part of it. Sometimes they are even added or created artificially.

Just imagine. A new thing looks as if it´s been serving the household for decades. A good example is cracked glaze on accessories, patina, irregularities of wooden surfaces, or leather upholstery.

The interior and quality furniture are dominated by neutral shades

Vintage style is composed of neutral tones, most frequently composed of a colour palette of brown, grey, beige, ochre, but also pure white. The furniture should be impressive at first glance. As a general rule, there should be more such furnishing items in your dwelling. Rounded shapes based on traditional rural style are very exclusive. Let yourself be inspired by furniture from old houses of our grandmothers.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

The quality is greatly contributed to also by the material used. This should include natural materials, seating furniture with leather upholstery, bronze or tin accessories, stone features, solid wood, interesting ceiling lights and table lamps. E.g. a chair by Charles Eames, or lights by Achille Castiglioni will ensure the adequate dose of ostentation. The English season (Anglická sezóna) brand and Art style, Bella Rosa, Bell Deco stores focus on vintage style and may be a source of luxury inspiration to you.

A vintage interior should make a calm impression, where you will feel relaxed, enjoying comfort and luxury.

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