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When looking at the striking and unique graffiti by an author who calls himself Hush, it might occur to you that these are the luxurious works of an eccentric Japanese artist. You might be surprise to learn that this writer comes from conservative England.

The beauty and frailty of Japanese geishas in controversial form

Eva Ledecká
28.Sep 2017
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Hush’s unique art is a combination of several techniques, which together create truly astonishing works. He uses collage, classic graffiti, templates, painting and drawing. The central motif of his work is the Japanese geisha, which decorates cities and the walls of prestigious galleries around the world in various formats. 

Undeniable talent and primary inspiration from Japan

Hush was born in Newcastle, England, and studied at the Newcastle School of Art and Design. He travelled the world, becoming familiar with various cultures, and visited diverse environments, spending several years in Japan. This is all reflected in his luxurious works, which mainly examine the beauty of the female contour.

Hush gives the geisha, one of Japan’s symbols, a unique aesthetic style. The luxury images with collage and silk-screening effects on a graffiti background sometimes request several months of labour. His works can be seen at London galleries, such as the Hang-up Gallery, Kumi Contemporary, Lazarides and The Outsider Gallery.

He has had many solo and collective exhibitions with other artists in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Basel, London, Berlin and San Francisco. His luxury works have also appeared in countless books and magazines.

Luxusní byt na prodej Nové Město - 288m
Luxusní byt na prodej Nové Město - 288m, Praha 2

Sensual geisha

A geisha is a traditional high-class Japanese escort, who is always beautiful, sensual and intelligent. Her task is to entertain her male counterpart with luxurious dances, playing on musical instruments, singing or other types of art. She is always a refined being, who is educated for her profession from the age of 3 years and 3 days.

“Some people think that my women are either entirely peaceful or terrifying. But what is always obvious is the strength of their sensuality.” Hush.


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