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Olomouc is one of the most visited place in our country due to its unmistakeable ambiance and deluxe historic monuments. How did it deserve its position on the UNESCO list? And have you seen how beautiful it is?

The beauties of the Czech Republic registered with UNESCO: The historic centre of Olomouc

Mgr. Jana Höger
02.Jan 2018
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Olomouc - centrum

Olomouc and its deluxe dominant point

The deluxe Gothic-Renaissance Town Hall with its astronomical clock, located on Horní náměsti, is clearly the characteristic symbol of Olomouc. The Town Hall was first mentioned in 1378. The original astronomical clock dating from the 15th century was transformed into its modern appearance in the 1920s by Karel Svolinský. If you would like a bird’s eye view of Olomouc, all you have to do is climb the many steps up the Town Hall tower, which is 76 m tall by the way, and you will have an exceptionally beautiful view of the surrounding area. Mystery revealed. Olomouc was registered with UNESCO on the UNESCO List of Sites of World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2000, thanks to the Baroque Column of the Holy Trinity, which at 35 m is one of the highest in the Czech Republic. In 1754 Empress Maria Theresa herself attended the ceremonial consecration of this work, which was created by Olomouc stonemason Václav Render in the period from 1716 to 1754. Václav Render also created the Marianne Column (Plague Column) between 1715 and 1723. 

Zbrojnice, Univerzita Palackého
Sloup nejsvětější Trojice
Dolní náměstí, Olomouc

Other national monuments are just behind on the scale of top sites of beauty in Olomouc

The remainders of the Přemyslid Romanesque palace dating from the 12th century, with valuable preserved Romanesque windows with rich ornamental décor, are another deluxe monument in this city.

The complex of the Olomouc Přemyslid castle with the Cathedral of Saint Wenceslas, is located at the edge of Olomouc hill on the so-called Václavské návrší (Wenceslas Rise), in the area surrounding Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square). At present, the most important parts of the castle are the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Wenceslas and the partially preserved Romanesque palace with architecturally valuable windows.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

The deluxe Hradisko or Hradiště (hill fort) is the former monastery in Olomouc. It is now used as a hospital.

The Church of Saint Maurice is an important Gothic provost church. It has two asymmetrical square towers and a high vaulted, beamed knave and two aisles. The 7th biggest organ in Central Europe is installed inside this church (construction began in the beginning of the 1730s).

Olomouc is proud of its Baroque fountains

Olomouc also has a unique set of Baroque fountains, we can mention: Triton Fountain, Caesar’s Fountain and Neptune’s Fountain (on Dolní náměstí), the authors of which are sculptor Michael Mandík from Gdansk and stonemason Václav Schuler, Hercules’ Fountain (on Horní náměstí). Jupiter’s Fountain (on Dolní náměstí) was converted in 1735 by sculptor Filip Sattler from Tyrol, instead of the original statue of Saint Florian, whose author was Václav Render.

List of beautiful places:

Edelmann Palace, Primavesi Villa, the Rondo-Cubist building of the former Moravian Silesian Bank with sgraffito frescoes by J. Köhler, Pöttingeum, Julius Pelikán Villa, Národní dům, the Oriel Window on the Hauenschild Palace and many others.

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