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Are you fed up with consumer lifestyle? Get inspired by the Nordic way of living!

Be content. Try the new LAGOM lifestyle! We'll show you the ropes

Eva Ledecká
17.Aug 2020
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Žijte spokojeně, žijte lagom!

Does it ever occur to you that we humans have been pretty much swamped with everything lately? We have all we need to live a good life, but we keep wanting more. Things that we're not using anymore are piling up in our homes, but we're unwilling to get rid of them. Companies and factories never stop producing new goods, food items, clothes, and we keep buying stuff and throwing it out. But it doesn't make us happy. Are you sick of it already? In that case, it's about time to draw some inspiration from the Nordic way of life, Lagom, which brings the idea of living a life in which you don't have too much or too little of anything. A well-balanced life.

Lagom is a Swedish term associated with the proverb Lagom är bäst - Just the right amount is best. There's nothing groundbreaking or complicated about the concept. On the contrary, the charm of this lifestyle lies in its simplicity. You might already be living such a life, you just haven't put a label on it. It's very natural.

In today's consumerist world, when something's constantly being forced on us, many people forget what really brings them joy. We've learned to feel happy while hoarding. We're buying cheap, non-ecological stuff that soon falls apart. We eat food that's full of chemicals instead of preparing it ourselves in a healthy way.

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Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

What is Lagom all about?

The heart of the idea is modesty, support of ecology and the pursuit of a sustainable approach to life. The fundamental thing is balance in everything we do, how we live, what we own, what we buy, etc. That is how we create harmony in our lives, which will make us feel happier. At least that's how the Northerners see it. That's why they buy aesthetic and functional furniture, make sure to find out where and under what conditions their clothes were made, buy a reasonable amount of healthy and local food, from which they cook. They don't need 20 glasses from China; they're happy with 4 quality ones with an interesting design.

How to start?

Think about how you live. Take a look at your home to see if everything you have there is aesthetic, functional, it makes you happy. If you really like the food in your fridge, or if you'd actually like to put something completely different in the shelves. Focus on minimalism, quality and frugality. Shop wisely. Take time to think about your job, too. Aren't you working too hard? Do you have time for your family and friends? If you want to be happy, your professional and private life have to be in balance, too. Stop mindlessly chasing your goals, don't expect everything will fall into your lap right away. But don't give up either! Try to find a middle way, try to have "just enough of everything" in your life.

Read the book

If you want to learn more about this lifestyle, which can bring joy and happiness into your life, look for the book Lagom - the secret of a happy life by the author Niki Brantmark; it might show you a different, happier path.

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