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The grand finale of Formula 1 took place in the principality of Monaco from 24th to 27th May, 2018. A luxurious battle of 20 pilots, one circuit and 78 laps. Everyone wanted to get the most out of their formula!

The battle for the Grand Prix throne in Monaco is over. The winner is Daniel Ricciardo!

Mgr. Jana Höger
27.May 2018
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Daniel Ricciardo

The luxury Monaco Grand Prix 2018 was conquered by Daniel Ricciardo

In the winding streets of the legendary Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo defeated his competition. Or rather, with his maneuvers and perfect driving, he proved to be worthy of victory. With a little exaggeration, we could say that he zoomed past the casino fastest. On the narrow and twisted circuit the engine power of a Mercedes or Ferrari is no advantage, but the strength of the Austrian team is its cornering.

"When time is simply relentless." The first 3 places

Daniel Ricciardo reached the finish at 1:42:42.807, second was Sebastian Vettel with a loss of 7.336 seconds, and Lewis Hamilton came third with a loss of 17.013 seconds.

For Daniel Ricciardo, the luxurious race meant redemption. Deserved fruit after two years of effort, drudgery and hard work.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

** byt / top **

Vettel's response to Ricciardo's victory: "Daniel had answers during the entire race."

First a big congratulations to Daniel and the Red Bull team. "It would have been nice to have finished second, but I did everything I could. It was an interesting race," added Lewis Hamilton.

The Grand Prix brings sadder scars on the heart

Great disappointment was experienced by Red Bull's Max Verstappen, a Dutch rider who started in the main race after the qualification from last place because he crashed during practice and damaged the gearbox. Another unfortunate situation was Leclerc's collision with Hartley in the main Sunday Grand Prix race, when Leclerc complained of poor braking performance. What's important is that they all came out without injuries.

Congratulations to Daniel Ricciardo on the success! Keep it up...

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