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With luxury gifts, we tell the people receiving them how much we appreciate them and what they mean to us. Give your nearest and dearest things of beauty and things which are also useful. For example, gifts from the world-famous Baccarat.

Baccarat: Christmas basking in the radiance of clear crystal

Eva Ledecká
04.Dec 2016
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Mille Nuits Flutissimo

We have a few tips for you for Christmas presents and decorations which will overwhelm people with their radiance, their design and also their quality of workmanship.

Mille Nuits Flutissimo champagne flutes

These elegant champagne flutes from the Mille Nuits crystal collection were created from a design by the design great Mathias. You can choose from several colours and purchase a single glass or a set of 2 or 4 flutes in beautiful packaging. Baccarat also allows you to choose your own combination from several collections. Take drinking luxury champagne to an even higher level.


Mille Nuits Pastry Stand

Serving pastries or other delicacies on a luxury Mille Nuits stand represents the pinnacle of elegant dining. The designer Mathias has once again shown his masterful art, thanks to which every celebration becomes an unforgettable experience. Choose a two-level or three-level stand and other similar accessories in the Baccarat showroom in Prague.

Harcourt Our Fire crystal candlestick

The amazing Our Fire candlestick was created by the highly acclaimed designer Philipp Starck. The designer took inspiration from the shape of Harcourt glasses, the design of which has remained unchanged for more than 175 years and which is nowadays already an iconic product by Baccarat. Choose the best colour to suit your mood and also allow your gaze to rest on the charming Double version.

Luxusní byt s výhledem 177m
Luxusní byt s výhledem 177m, Praha 2

Harcourt Balustre crystal vase

Be it as a present or as a luxurious decoration for your Christmas table, the Balustre vase reflects in itself perfection and elegance worthy of all festive occasions. This represents one of the most iconic vases from the Harcourt collection made of clear crystal with red detail around the neck. You can make your choice from the several alternatives Baccarat offers.

Give the gift of Baccarat jewellery or the crystal statuette of a panther

Baccarat also engages in production of luxury jewellery and offers both women’s jewellery and men’s in the form of cufflinks.

Jungle Panther The Leap – a statuette of the perfect animal, a panther, in clear crystal. It is quick and elegant, evokes respect and its beauty is captivating. The statuette is the work of the famous American artist Rosetta, for whom the world of animals is quite literally a passion. Feast your eyes on it in the Baccarat showroom in Prague.

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