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From now on, accommodation at festivals, camps, teambuilding events or camping sites are going to a luxury experience, not a scary one. Thanks to the comfortable sleeping units B-and-Bee you can look forward to a restful sleep. And you will definitely be original!

B-and-Bee Belgian "Beehive": Clever and Luxurious Festival Idea

Mgr. Jana Höger
12.Aug 2018
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100% Belgian luxury product. The birth of one clever idea. This modular accommodation system of wooden cells looking like a bee honeycomb is the work of Belgian designers. Their quest was a simple one; to find a solution for people who are fleeing from music festivals, because they do not like sleeping in tents. Does that seem funny to you?

Inventors Barbara Vanthorre and Ron Hermans teamed up with the product, service and brand agency Achilles Design and with business advisor specialist, One Small Step, they created B-and-Bee. To start with, they spoke to festival visitors to learn about their requirements for ideal accommodation and worked accordingly.

B-and-Bee as an alternative solution. Inspiration directly from bees!

B-and-Bee may be described as hexagonal sleeping cells, which certainly do not contain features of classic tents. Each cell is made of a metal frame and wood trim, both ends are closed with a waterproof cloth. The interior has a room to store luggage, a cupboard, light and even a power supply source. The luxurious royal bed may be at any time converted into a sofa and with the textile panels removed it may be a comfortable seating place to watch the concerts from during the day.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

For whom is it intended?

For all fans of interesting flexible accommodation. Most of all you will appreciate it in recreation areas associated with festivals, campsites, amusement parks and when meeting friends. Whether as an owner or a guest. If you wish to quickly install a modern and comfortable place for permanent sleeping without major infrastructure work and investments, luxury bee houses B-and-Bee can be a suitable, smart solution. You can purchase one or more sleeping units.

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