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AXOR is a brand associated with bathroom and kitchen luxury. It is a synonym for aesthetic perfection, precision craftsmanship and pioneering innovation.

AXOR: Water world with an essence of luxury by Philippe Starck

Mgr. Jana Höger
27.Jul 2018
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More than 20 years ago, modern designs for classic designer bathrooms were created in cooperation with internationally renowned architects and designers. What is noteworthy about Axor is that it continuously defined aesthetics, luxury and functionality. It strives to keep up with the latest technologies, which it implements into its products, demonstrating that it is not afraid of any change.

What is the trend of today?

An oasis of peace. Nowadays, bathrooms are created with a view of simplicity and minimalism. There is an apparent effort to create a sort of “spa temple”. Given that our lifestyles are becoming increasingly more hectic and stressful, home owners often look towards technological advantages to simplify their lives. For example, the AXOR ShowerSelect: thanks to Hansgrohe Select technology, you can control the shower with the simple push of a button.

Transparent taps by Philippe Starck are delightful!

AXOR Starck V is the name for a collection full by the stunningly inventive designer Philippe Starck. It allows you to discover how alive water is.

“This collection is a revolution, minimalism, something entirely transparent, which the miracle of nature transforms into a vortex,” explains designer Philippe Starck.

The basic idea for his work was clear: minimalist luxurious design. The body of this level tap is deliberately made of transparent crystal glass, in order to see the vortex dance. An organic, plastic shape that lets the vortex evolve!

The essence of luxury by famous designer Antonio Citterio – Citterio E collection

The collection results from combining classic charm with modern functionality. The design comes from the pen of Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio. AXOR Citterio E can be characterised by the striking contract between smooth shapes, clean lines and expensive surfaces – elements of elegance and premium quality. All 37 products share a visually attractive and harmonised appearance, complemented by a number of styles from Art Nouveau to modern urban.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

Cooperation with the best

Many of the designer pieces are created by truly the best artists. They were designed in cooperation with leading international designers like Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquinola or designers from the Japanese studio Nendo and others.

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