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Autosalon Detroit 2019 presented luxurious new Lexus LC Convertible.

Autosalon Detroit 2019: Lexus LC Convertible. Too thrilling!

Mgr. Jana Höger
17.Jan 2019
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The creative ambition of the brand has paid off. This luxury car might be familiar to you. Lexus caused a shock two years ago at the Detroit car showroom, when it presented a grand novelty, the LC coupe. The car was a great success and it brought about much awe among spectators. The brand Lexus had gone down the right path. It based its model on the known and the revered and added some extra luxury.

If you used the unmistakable design of the LC coupe and transformed it into a roadster convertible, you would create an awesome LC Convertible Concept! This was exactly the aim of one Japanese Lexus car factory! It’s impossible to overlook this model, it’s too thrilling!

Lexus LC Convertible Concept
Lexus LC Convertible Concept, interiér
Lexus LC Convertible Concept

Tadao Mori, the main constructor of the LC Cabrio Concept, expressed his thoughts:

„The LC coupe has a unique design and it represents the future of further development. It combines all the best features of the original coupe with the dynamic design of a convertible.’’

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

The singular style of Japanese aesthetics equals an emotional experience

Every detail of the luxury concept LC Cabrio, from the due slant of the front window to the smooth outlines of the back, which are this convertible’s hallmark features, was designed to elicit an emotional reaction. The shape of the car copies the subtle lines of the car Coupe LC, which are adapted to the missing roof. The dynamic back of the car hides a convertible top. Furthermore, the luxury car has 22 inch wheels and the interior in white will dazzle.

The white upholstery with yellow-gold threading give the car an added feeling of exquisiteness. Everything is done for your comfort. Everything was designed in such a way to make you feel as if every journey was a unique adventure. The length of the car is given by the manufacturer at 4770 mm, width 1920 mm and the height is 1340 mm.

For the time being it is only a luxury concept, but it is already evident, that we can expect serial production.

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