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Art which defies all logic and reason! The winter exhibitions of the National Gallery in the Trade Fair Palace have begun.

Eva Ledecká
19.Oct 2017
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Trade Fair Palace, StartPoint 2017

The National Gallery in Prague commenced the winter season of its exhibitions at the Trade Fair Palace on 18 October. If you are interested to see which direction modern art is taking nowadays, don’t miss the new exhibitions. We are certain that this cultural experience will leave its mark on you and you may leave the building somewhat confused. 

What in fact defines art and where are its boundaries? A question posed by many fans of luxurious works, the general public and sometimes even by the artists themselves. It is also a question which you will probably ask yourself when pondering what you in fact just saw over a glass of wine after taking in these exhibitions.

What is the most interesting thing offered by the Trade Fair Palace?

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

13 manifestos, 13 likenesses of Cate Blanchett

The first floor houses the audio-visual project Manifesto, created by the Berlin-based artist Julian Rosefeldt with participation by Cate Blanchett. The exhibition comprises a total of 13 screens on which the actress delivers artistic and political manifestos in 13 completely different likenesses. You can thus see Cate Blanchett as a factory worker, a homeless man, a teacher, a puppeteer and a newsreader.

The luxurious dark premises of the Trade Fair Palace are thus transformed into 13 small “open space” cinemas, where you can view the luxurious performing arts of Cate Blanchett and think about the meaning, origin and message coming from the screens.

StartPoint 2017 – the very best from European graduates

While viewing the exhibition on the 5th floor of the Trade Fair Palace, you will probably ponder the feelings of the new generation talking to us via its works of art. The exhibited works by selected graduates of European art academies ooze creativity, a certain force of depression, originality and love of technology. But where did the joy and aesthetics go? They may be hidden in the works, but if they are hidden there, then certainly very deep.

Paintings dealing with an obsession with a healthy lifestyle and the influence of omnipresent luxury technology take it in turns with decadent pictures installed in the surroundings of a dirty rock club reminiscent of a graffitied toilet. A high-tech mushroom grow room hung from the ceiling with oyster mushrooms growing in it represents organic farming which can be performed virtually anywhere.

The strange composition of even stranger items will force you to ask yourself: Why?

Visit the Trade Fair Palace yourselves and maybe you won’t ask yourself this question. Maybe everything will be clear to you the moment you enter. The autumn exhibitions in the Trade Fair Palace really are worth seeing! You can visit them until 7 January, although the StartPoint 2017 installation only runs until 10 December.

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