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A lot of artists will be heading to the Austria Gastein Valley at the start of this year. Why are they going there? Because the highly-anticipated Art on Snow 2017 festival will be taking place there.

Art on Snow 2017 in Gastein ski resort

Eva Ledecká
12.Jan 2017
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From 28 January until 3 February this year, the Gastein ski resort near Salzburg will be transformed into an incredible ice gallery. Fans of winter sports will thus be able to feast their eyes on some luxury art while negotiating the slopes.

Gastein: a winter valley full of luxury ice art

If you visit the Gastein ski resort during the course of February, you will be able to come across art created by sculptors, photographers and other creative artists from the Alpine region, but also by artists coming here from all over the world.

The main presentation here will be made by sculptors who will use their well-sharpened tools to work blocks of ice into luxurious and imposing shapes. Artists will be presenting their works surrounded by luxurious mountain scenery in the Gastein Valley. It will especially be worth taking a look at the illuminated photographs by local and foreign photographers.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

The very best combination of art and winter in the form of statues from ice and snow will thus await skiers, snowboarders and other visitors to the Gastein Valley.

Ice statues throughout the whole of the valley

If you come here before the festival actually starts, you will be able to witness how the statues are made and to have a look at the actual process of their creation in the ski resort itself. During the festival, unique sculptural groups, luxury statues and other works made of ice and snow will be dotted around various locations throughout the whole of the Gastein Valley.

Snow Jazz Gastein

If you cannot make the Art of Snow 2017 festival, do not despair. If you are heading to Salzburg and its surrounding area in March, you can visit the unique Snow Jazz Gastein 2017 which will be held from 10 until 19 March. You can’t experience the luxury of listening to jazz surrounded by snow-covered wintry scenery just anywhere.

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