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The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is currently offering a truly luxurious show. The Art of Bugatti exhibition is a unique showcase for car design and works of art by the gifted and world-famous Italian and French Bugatti family.

The Art of Bugatti: an exhibition of luxury cars and art

Eva Ledecká
14.Jan 2017
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Bugatti 57C (1939)

The whole exhibition is a unique example of luxury car design from which the Bugatti family draws its fame to this very day. The history of the famous Bugatti brand from the small French town of Molsheim began in 1909. 

The artistic Bugatti family

Alongside the cars, the majority of which were designed by the founder Ettore Bugatti, other works by members of the large family will also be on show. Ettore’s brother, Rembrandt Bugatti, was a superb sculptor during his heyday and their common father, Carlo, designed luxury furniture. Ettore’s sister, Lidia, is exhibiting her paintings here and her brother, Jean, is also a highly-acclaimed car designer. He for example found fame with the design for the famous Atlantic model.

Luxury cars and art on display under one roof

Never before have works of art and cars by the luxury Bugatti brand been presented under one roof. This is why The Art of Bugatti represents a truly unique concept which impressively demonstrates the roots of the Bugatti brand in art and design. Among the luxury cars to be admired at the exhibition, you will for example find the Bugatti 35C Grand Prix (1926), the 41 Royale (1932), the 44 Fiacre (1928), the 46 Cabriolet (1930), the 50 S (1931) and the 55 Super Sport (1932).

Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m
Byt na prodej Smetanovo nábřeží 235m, Praha 1

The modern era is represented by the EB110 and the Chiron as well as the luxury 57 Atlantic, which many enthusiasts claim represents the pinnacle of French Art Deco in car design. The Chiron is on loan from Volkswagen which has owned the brand since 1998. Most of the other models and luxury works of art come from the Automotive Museum in Oxnard and some of the works are on loan from the Sladmore Gallery in London.

The exhibition on the unique premises of the Petersen Automotive Museum will last until autumn 2017.

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