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On 23 March, Hong Kong will already be flooded with art from all over the world. What awaits visitors to the most prestigious art event Art Basel Hong Kong?

Art Basel: Hong Kong to be flooded by global art (March 23 – 25)

Eva Ledecká
05.Mar 2017
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The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will be a meeting point for representatives of luxury galleries, artists, collectors and all those who have a passion for art. The centre is situated in a prime location by the water right near Victoria Harbour, close to the lively Central District. The luxury building dates back to 1988 and is a venue where the largest and most prestigious world trade fairs and exhibitions are held.   

Art Basel – luxury art from all over the world

Art Basel has been held in Hong Kong every year since 2013 when it first replaced ART HK, the art trade fair in Hong Kong which was held here since 2008.

This luxury art event is an opportunity to see a wide range of art from all over the world under one roof – photographs, paintings, drawings, statues and films. It is also a place where import and export of art is not subject to any tax.

Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m
Historická vila na prodej, Praha 5 - 471m, Praha 5

250 galleries under one roof

Works of art and galleries will this time be divided up into sectors:

Galleries: the main sector where galleries will present their most important works.

Discoveries: a sector presenting the art of the next generation of talented young artists who have created works specially for this event.

Kabinett: a sector presenting carefully selected curated exhibitions. Includes 19 projects from Asia, Europe and the USA.

Insights: a sector presenting works from galleries and their artists from the wider Asian market.

Encounters: galleries will present large-scale sculptures by the most influential artists from around the world here.

Magazines: magazines with artistic publications from all over the world.

Film: a 3-day programme about artists and films created by artists.

Asian art and space for talented new artists

Asia One is here for presentation of the Asian art scene itself. Several galleries from Asia will be exhibiting their own presentations by a single artist from Asia.

There will also be a glimpse into the future. Art Future is a section which boasts young galleries and the works by promising artists from all over the world, where a winner will be chosen by a professional panel. This is a great opportunity for talented young artists to gain visibility and to make a name for themselves.

Asia Contemporary Art – invest into luxury works

If you are thinking about buying a unique work of art, the Asia Contemporary Art Show is the place for you – the largest event as regards the number of works offered for sale. You will find here more than 3,000 astounding works from Asia and beyond. The event will be taking place from 17 to 20 March and you can view and buy all of the works at – even after the art event has ended.

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Art Basel Hong Kong
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