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The forest, the Berounka river burble and the unique privacy feel with a touch of wellness. This place can be yours.

Around Černošice: the town loved by Ladislav Smoljak and Věra Čáslavská

Kateřina Ostrejšová
19.Nov 2020
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Žena ve vířivce s šampaňským.

Say NO to hectic lifestyle

Are you tired of the constant buzz of the city, the loud trams and the busy streets? Say no for once and for all. This hectic lifestyle can be replaced by walks along the Berounka river, morning coffee breaks with a view of Prague and endless peace. The town of Černošice can offer you romantic nature and exceptional villas. One of them can be yours.

First Republic villas are a hit

What makes the First Republic villas so special? That's an easy answer. Most of them have a pool, a large garden, beautiful trees and a big portion of nature included. This 3 story villa in Černošice is no exception. The mansion is building its character since 1927, with an area of wonderful 393 square metres. The mansion's well preserved condition offers you endless options for a luxury renovations according to your vision.

Luxusní vila na prodej - 393m
Luxusní vila na prodej - 393m, Okolí Prahy

Unique architecture

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Prvorepubliková vila v Černošicích.
Prvorepubliková vila v Černošicích.Source: Y&T Luxury Property

The First Republic was without a doubt a charming era with the architecture developing a brand new style. Simplicity and functionality were the motto at that times. High ceilings, spacious, bright rooms, large windows. It was the beginning of the indoor-outdoor combination living.

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Výhled ze zahrady černošické vily.
Výhled ze zahrady černošické vily. Source: Y&T Luxury Property

The weekend house

During the First Republic era, it was popular to use these villas as a weekend house. Fulfill your work obligations during the week and get out of Prague after that. Černošice is a great place for the weekend, don't you think? After all, you wouldn't be the first ones to fall for this town.

A town loved by celebrities

Černošice is a favorite spot for many celebrities. Painter and illustrator Zdeněk Burian, Olympic winner Věra Čáslavská or film director Ladislav Smoljak all lived in the town. The Specialists series is being filmed here as well.

A moment of pampering

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Žena v plavkách se opaluje u bazénu.
Žena v plavkách se opaluje u bazénu. Source:

One of the biggest advantages of the Černošice villa is the privacy. A quiet day in the sunny garden, not being disturbed by anything. Or perhaps listening to the music on the terrace, evenings in the sauna, sunbathing at the pool and talking in the hot tub? All of this is waiting for you. And should you get tired of it, you can put on your running shoes and go clear your head along the Berounka river trail or head to Prague for some fun. The city is just a short drive away!

Within arm's reach

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Žena v Pařížské ulici
Žena v Pařížské uliciSource:

You can get to the famous Pařížská street, which offers the best from the luxury fashion, in about half hour by car. Let's go shopping and have fun, then. Not in a mood for driving? Never mind! The villa is just 10 min by foot from the train station, which takes you to the capital in a while. Pack a coffee to go, grab a book and your day can start.

Quality education

Of course, Černošice thinks about your family and the comfort of your children, too. There are several kindergartens and two primary schools in the area. If you want your children to learn a foreign language from an early age, the Kryštof English Preschool will be the right choice. Plus, you won't have to worry about commuting.

Something to eat

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Pár v restauraci
Pár v restauraciSource:

After work and errands it's time for fun! Sightseeing trips are a favorite weekend activity, but sometimes you don't want to spend the whole day in a car. Fortunately, Černošice has a lot to offer, so you can make your weekend plans well in advance.

Before you go on a trip, don't forget to recharge your energy! There are several restaurants to choose from. The Křižárna, Pecka Černošice or the Bolleta restaurants are all popular. A cup of a quality espresso or a luxury dessert can be enjoyed at Oliva Café & Bistro. What would you say to a raspberry profiterole?

Monuments sightseeing

The oldest preserved monument in the city is the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, located above the Berounka river valley. The real treasure are the summer villas from early 1920's, spread around the whole town. The most famous ones, designed by renowned architects, or the ones in which celebrities lived and relaxed over the summer, can be seen along an educational trail.

A tip: take a short break on the Černošice square, where you can find the former president Václav Havel's bench.

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Lavička Václava Havla.
Lavička Václava Havla. Source:

The city is not behind with renovations

As stated in the November issue of the Information Brochure, the City Council started a collaboration with the architect J. Červený to begin partial alterations to the square and church on Komenského street. Furthermore, the City Council approved a proposal for a new cover for concrete shafts of the sewer in the Berounka sports park area with an aesthetically pleasing construction made out of metal and wood, which will serve as outdoor tables and benches. Road infrastructure will also be improved. Several streets or parts of them will be supported with asphalt mixture coverage this year.

An interesting project Černošická šance will be launched for a so-called participatory budget, in which people can design a project of their own in the Černošice area. The city allocated 1,000,000 CZK from the yearly budget for this project.

A boat trip to visit Kazi

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Stezka u skály Kazín.
Stezka u skály Kazín. Source:

The nearby Kazín ferry is another tourist attraction, crossing the Berounka river. You shouldn't miss visiting the remains of the Kazín castle (Kazín Rock), where, according to the legend, the eldest daughter of the legendary count Krok - Kazi - once lived. The forest trails in the rocks high above the river will take you to a couple of nice view points to the 220-metres high TV and radio tower Cukrák.

Mushroom picking at Berounka

The Berounka river surroundings are full of deciduous forests, which is the biggest attraction for mushroom picking enthusiasts. Just put on your rubber boots, take the basket and off you go.

There is a 23 km long cycling path across Černošice ideal for cycling, roller skating or long romantic walks. You can refresh yourself at the many stalls along the trail. Beer, wine, or a homemade lemonade? There is something for everybody.

Swap the bike for a golfing cart

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Žena na golfovém odpališti.
Žena na golfovém odpališti. Source: pixabay.coom/TEOBALIN

If you are not a cycling maniac, don't despair. We have another options for you. The Hall of Věra Čáslavská can be one of them. Badminton, volleyball or basketball - it's your choice.

Even the golf lovers will enjoy themselves. Just get into the car and a short 10 min drive will take you to Zbraslav golfing course, where you can rent the whole golfing equipment. Your better half will be thankful for such a delightful afternoon.

This is where the real fun starts

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Ženy hrají beach volejbal.
Ženy hrají beach volejbal. Source:

You will no longer find sand beaches just in Žluté lázně. Enjoy a pleasant evening down by the Berounka sand beach with a BBQ, playing volleyball or sipping drinks by the bar. In addition, there are two tennis courts and a winter stadium in Černošice. You can book a tennis court for 400 CZK/hour in winter season. If you prefer to go ice skating, there is an ice rink open for public every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for a symbolic 50 CZK. So take out your tennis racket and dust your skates off, this is where the real fun starts!

Are you still wondering about what to do outside Prague? The Černošice First Republic villa can be your new home address.

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