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Playful applications that provide both entertainment and advice

Are you a fashion enthusiast? You'll be crazy about theseTOP 3 apps!

Martina Šmalclová
29.Apr 2020
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Be your own stylist

Do you find yourself standing in front of the closet every morning, unable to decide what to wear, even though your wardrobe is literally bursting at the seams?! Or have you perhaps entertained the dream of trying out the job of a stylist? These practical mobile apps will help you with closet cleaning, on top of which you'll have tons of fun! We bring you tips for 3 applications that every shopaholic or fashion enthusiast should have in their cell phone.

Closet: Tailor-made outfits and luxury shopping

Closet is an amazing tool that will help you find out what all you actually have in your closet in no time. Once installed, the application will prompt you to take a photo of your clothes and divide them into individual categories. After that, you can freely create outfits and try what will suit you best without having to change a million times!

You can also record individual oufits in the calendar, creating a detailed overview of what you have worn and where and thus avoiding possible faux-pas. As a bonus, the app features an e-shop, thanks to which you can buy fashion pieces, even those of the most luxurious brands, with a few clicks.

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Stylebook: Tips from designers and practical lists

Stylebook has it all. Just like in Closet, it enables you to create your own custom outfits by taking pictures of individual items from your wardrobe. And again, you won't be deprived of functions such as creating outfits, recording them in a calendar or luxury shopping.

As a bonus, contrary to other apps, you can look forward to a plethora of advice from designers or bloggers and interviews with them or a practical Packing List, which will help you pack for vacation in but a few minutes. However, the app has one disadvantege: unlike Closet, it is only available in the AppStore.

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Combyne: Chatting and sharing inspiration

Combyne represents a much more playful option. No need to do a photoshoot of your clothes here; the application operates with your creativity, not your wardrobe. Once you've installed it, you can start putting together outfits from pre-loaded pieces of clothing. You can also pair the outfit you've created with matching make-up and hairstyle, and share your creations on the wall, where other users of the application can admire them. Just like on Instagram, they can reward you with a heart, a comment or share your look. The bonus here is the possibility to chat with any user of the application. It is quite possible that in addition to becoming a successful virtual stylist, you'll also make new friends.

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