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The Architecture of the Year 2020 competition knows its winners. This year, a record number of competitors entered.

Architecture of the year 2020: The winners include a glass crystal or a modern prayer room

Linda Veselá
16.Oct 2020
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Pohled na sídlo Lasvit zepředu

Eight structures took the prize this year

A former water reservoir, a prayer room, a museum of glass but also a family home. A total of eight projects received the title "Architecture of the Year 2020" this year. And you can take a look at them with us!

Pohled na sídlo Lasvit zepředu
Přístavba budovy Muzea skla a bižuterie zepředu

Twice the competition

This prestigious award has been granted for 28 years. It is organized by the Foundation for the Development of Architecture and Civil Engineering, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction and the Association of Entrepreneurs in Construction in the Czech Republic.

The awards were decided by a five-member expert jury and a panel of experts. And what a difficult decision it was indeed! This year, almost twice as many competitors as usual entered the competition, namely 84.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

House of glass

The headquarters of the Lasvit company in Nový Bor will catch your eye at first glance - the two listed houses are newly connected by a glass house. It is through the glass parts that daylight can seep through; at night the light radiates to the outside. The mantle and roof are covered with glass templates, which are based on the proportions and layering of slate slabs in the region. In the house we can find a café and also meeting rooms, the authors are Jiří Opočenský and Štěpán Valouch.

"The exceptional form of the restoration of listed buildings and their adaptation for a new function, together with the original new connecting glass house and substantially different second black one in the background, sensitively connects not only to the surrounding buildings, but also creates an unique functional unit in the center of Nový Bor,"

the jury added. In addition, the Lasvit headquarters also won a public award. And we are not surprised!

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Pohled na moderní část sídla Lasvit
Pohled na moderní část sídla LasvitSource: Stavba roku

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Sídlo Lasvit zevnitř
Sídlo Lasvit zevnitřSource: Stavba roku

A modern prayer room

The social center in Sedlčany with a prayer room proves that modern architecture doesn't have to be limited to large cities. The reinforced concrete shell with a glass façade has sloping walls and roof, and also captivates with its unique interior. The second new building is an apartment building with four apartments.

The authors are Martin Krupauer, Pavel Kvintus, Daniel Jeništa and Stanislava Blažková.

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Společenské centrum Sedlčany zepředu
Společenské centrum Sedlčany zepředuSource: Stavba roku

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Společenské centrum Sedlčany uvnitř
Společenské centrum Sedlčany uvnitřSource: Stavba roku

21 halls for sports and entertainment

The multifunctional congress center O₂ universum is located in Libeň, Prague, next to the multipurpose hall O₂ arena. There are 21 halls on four floors. It can host, for example, congresses, sporting events or concerts. In total, it can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors. The authors of the construction are Martin and Vladimír Vokatý.

"The sensitive urban and architectural connection of the completion and part of the arena with the previously realized large arena will attract all passersby. Both in character and by the materials used. The building naturally fitted into the city landscape,"

acknowledged the jury.

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 O₂ Universum zepředu
O₂ Universum zepředuSource: Stavba roku

Unique reconstruction of a bridge

The Pňovany Bridge transfers trains across the Hracholusky Dam on the line from Pňovany to Bezdružice. The reconstruction involved the replacement of three main steel bays and the strengthening of the substructure. The author is Ondřej Lojík.

"The structurally and aesthetically exceptional solution of the bridge reconstruction is amplified by the use of a completely unique technological procedure of rotational exchange of the original and new bridge bays,"

emphasized the jury. A footbridge for hikers and bikers was also added.

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Most s projíždějícími vlaky
Most s projíždějícími vlakySource: Stavba roku

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Pohled na most zepředu
Pohled na most zepředuSource: Stavba roku

Stylish family home in Kojetín

Since the 1960s, it used to be a barn which, unfortunately, burned down. Later, a residential studio was sprung up on the estate. Today the building serves as a modern home with an atrium in the middle. This time, in addition to the already stylish dwelling, an extension was added, which is connected to the barn by a glass neck. The authors are Kamil Mrva and Radek Leskovjan.

"The location on the slope, the green roof, the acknowledgment of the concrete and the opening to the atrium create a completely exceptional space,"

concludes the jury.

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Pohled zepředu na rodinný dům
Pohled zepředu na rodinný důmSource: Stavba roku

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Rodinný dům v Kojetíně
Rodinný dům v KojetíněSource: Stavba roku

From a reservoir to modern dispatch centre

The original reservoir was built in the 1930s. It takes pride in being the first reservoir in the Czech Republic built entirely of iron and surrounded by brickwork. In the 1980s, however, it became redundant and its use was under consideration. For a moment, demolition was discussed.

In 2015, the idea was born to transform it into a modern multi-purpose center with a lookout tower and control center. In the place of the former reservoir now stands one of the most modern control rooms in the country. Its authors are Tereza Tejkalová and Michal Škrna.

“The old steel structure of the building has been preserved and restored. The combination of new and old creates an unique complex,"

appraised the jury.

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Pohled na vodojem zepředu
Pohled na vodojem zepředuSource: Stavba roku

An annexe as a glass crystal

At the beginning there was a typical component of the Jablonec glass jewelry - a glass crystal. Therefore, the extension to the Art Nouveau part of the Jablonec Museum assumed its appearance. Its authors are Michal Hlaváček, Zdeněk Holek and Karel Musil.

The three-storey cut crystal made of glass and steel has an all-glass façade. The top floor is used for short-term exhibitions or as a café, while downstairs there is an exhibition. According to the organizers of the competition, the new crystal has become a natural part of the environment.

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Přístavba budovy Muzea skla a bižuterie
Přístavba budovy Muzea skla a bižuterieSource: Stavba roku

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Přístavba budovy Muzea skla a bižuterie zevnitř
Přístavba budovy Muzea skla a bižuterie zevnitřSource: Stavba roku

Compromise between a house and an apartment

A housing close to the city center, yet in peace and without stress. This is exactly what the Masaryk Park Liberec residential complex promises, offering a total of six apartment buildings. Its authors are Radim Kousal, Tomáš Rudolf, Richard Černý and Jana Jachanová.

"The architectural solution created an exceptional form of connection with nature, based on the tradition of the green city space, which naturally harmonizes with the almost idyllic appearance of the place,"

the jurors noted.

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Rezidence Park Masarykova zepředu
Rezidence Park Masarykova zepředuSource: Stavba roku

Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov
Luxusní byt na pronájem - Praha 1 - Josefov, Praha 1

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