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There are several streaming services on the market today, which Czech music listeners can use. Which of them are the most popular and why?

Apple Music and Spotify in the struggle for demanding listeners

Eva Ledecká
09.Mar 2017
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Some of the popular streaming channels in the Czech Republic include Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. The latter two are getting behind. It is thus Spotify and Apple Music that are fighting for the perceptive ears of listeners. How do these two services differ and what do listeners like the most about them? 

Price for listening

Spotify offers a free version, while Apple Music does not. However, this free version is not too user friendly since your listening will be, from time to time, interrupted by commercials. Nevertheless, you can pay for the Premium service, which costs 5.99 EUR a month, and you will be absolutely commercial-free. The service features offline listening, better sound quality and, as already suggested, no commercials while listening to music. You also have the option to try the service free for a month.

With Apple Music, you can try its service for free for 3 months. Otherwise the price is identical to Spotify, i.e. 5.99 EUR a month. Both services offer a family membership for the same price.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

Radio, playlists, libraries

Apple Music offers its users its own radio Beats 1, where you can listen to world’s leading musicians and DJs. Some albums and videos have their premieres on this radio as well. Apple Music offers its listeners the latest music, concert recordings and live shows made specifically for Apple Music. Spotify has its own radio as well, however, its show selection is somewhat more limited.

Both services let you create your own playlists. They use targeting strategies and offer music based on the genre you listen to most often. According to users themselves, Spotify’s targeting is better and offers music that you really listen to. Spotify also includes premade playlists, put together by musicians and fans alike. You are able to listen to the latest albums and singles and to search through the current Top 50 hits.

Music on offer

Spotify has a wider selection of music and it also includes very old albums of less known bands, which you will not find with Apple Music, one of the reasons being that Apple Music focuses rather on mainstream music.

Sound quality

When it comes to quality, the prevailing opinion is that Apple Music can offer a better sound quality, however, you have to wait a few seconds before the music actually starts. On the other hand, Spotify starts playing music immediately, however the first few seconds are of a worse sound quality. Nevertheless, the difference is almost undetectable for a regular listener.


The clearly prevailing opinion about users is that Spotify is user friendlier and also offers better graphics than Apple Music, graphics of which is less well-arranged and, for many people, a little confusing.


Users who have developed a taste for Apple products will certainly lean towards Apple Music since it is compatible with all of them. Those who prefer more extensive options, related to less known albums and interprets, and also clear arrangement will gravitate towards Spotify. There is thus no better or worse alternative between these two, the choice purely depends on your personal preferences.

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