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For the year 2017 Apple has prepared several items of news for its customers. There is open speculation that new phones should be appearing on the market and that a luxurious Apple Store will be opening in Milan. Do we really have something to look forward to?

Apple 2017: New Phones and a Luxurious New Apple Store

Eva Ledecká
16.Feb 2017
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On the 9th January of this year iPhone celebrated its 10th year on the market. This year Apple should bring additional new features, which may also relate to this anniversary. Will they also influence the world just as the iPhone did it ten years ago? Let’s be surprised.

Currently many users are moving from Android to Apple and they have several reasons for doing so. Apple offers unrivalled features such as iPhones that have a long battery life and excellent customer support. In addition, Apple issues updates simultaneously for all its devices. Also playing an important role is the user-friendly environment. Apple will undoubtedly make all of those who are aware of this happy. New smartphones should already be arriving on the market this autumn.

iPhone 7s, 7s Plus and iPhone 8

iPhone 7s and 7s Plus should be bringing new hardware enhancements for the existing model. From iPhone 8 we could expect even more. Apart from all this the new smartphone with its faster and wireless charging could still surprise us. Regarding the design, there is speculation about its body, which is made entirely of glass and it is also nestled in a metal frame. Maybe even the colour will change - to red perhaps? The built-in camera should also be improved to some extent. What about a dual camera with an optical zoom? Whether or not these speculations will become reality, a great deal is still expected from Apple. So far, however, nothing concrete has been confirmed about the new luxury smartphone.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

The Luxury Apple Store in Milan

Another news item is about getting ready for Italy. Apple plans to open a new Apple Store in Milan, directly on the Piazza del Liberty, which is one of the most crowded places in Italy. It should not simply be a mere shop, however.

There should be a space that is equally suitable for holding various organised events. Also the appearance of the Apple Store will be exceptional. It is expected that an outdoor amphitheatre will be built and that the entrance to the store will be decorated by a glazed waterfall. Will it look similar to the most famous Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York? 

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