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Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Nothing great will ever be accomplished by an artist who does not doubt himself”. If there is any truth in that, the painter Ansel Krut must have doubted himself a lot.

Ansel Krut: Luxury canvases which provide food for thought

Eva Ledecká
18.Mar 2017
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Ansel Krut, the renowned artist who creates luxury paintings, was born in Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa. However, he lives and works in London where he also graduated from the Royal College of Art in the field of painting.


Works of art which speak to you

But the artist leaves it to us ourselves to decide precisely what they are saying. We see specific items which we come across in our everyday lives in his luxury paintings. But Ansel Krut imbues them with a certain story which each of us has to uncover for himself or herself. Sometimes the meaning of the pictures may be clear to us at first glance, but when we peruse them for longer, we find ever new impressions which sometimes need have no end.

Despite the fact that some luxury paintings come across as children’s drawings, they often hide complicated aspects of life. Ansel Krut does not skimp on colours and uses them in all of their wide spectrum. We can also see figurative and portrait work in his paintings which always reflects his unique signature, one which is frequently combined with abstraction or geometric shapes.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 292m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 292m, Okolí Prahy

On the contrary, his earlier work is dark, shades of grey and brown taking turns there. This often concerns figural paintings.

Support for talented artists in Paris

While studying in Paris, Ansel Krut also developed his talent in the luxury Parisian complex Cité Internationale des Arts, which is a centre for accommodation and support for the creative activity of artists studying in Paris. The place operates as something like an international art centre, where cultural programmes are held in the disciplines of dance, music, the fine arts, photography, film and other artistic genres.

Ansel Krut in galleries around the world

Ansel Krut has many of his own and joint exhibitions under his belt. His luxury works have been displayed at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, at the Marlborough Gallery in New York, at Basel Art Miami and in other galleries in London, Italy, Holland and the USA.


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