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Babiš and Bartoš are looking forward to celebrating

ANO won regional elections across the board. Pirates achieved what they wanted. Miroslava Němcová celebrates as well

Karolína Lišková
03.Oct 2020
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Andrej Babiš v roušce s českou vlajkou.

2pm marked the closing of the polls in the regional and Senate elections in the Czech Republic, and counting of the votes started. People elected their regional representatives on Friday and Saturday all over the Czech Republic except Prague. The Senate election concerned 27 constituencies, three of which are in Prague. Therefore a third of the upper chamber of parliament will get swapped out.

The ongoing counting was exciting

The ongoing counting was exciting for all the leaders of the candidate parties. In the Senate elections, after counting a third of the constituencies, the candidates for ANO and Mayors advanced in ten constituencies, the ODS and KDU-ČSL in seven, and the CSSD in six constituencies.

As for the regional elections, ANO had a lead in ten districts after counting half the constituencies. In the Central Bohemian Region, STAN continued to lead, in the Liberec Region Mayors for the Liberec Region and in the Hradec Králové Region the coalition of ODS, STAN and Eastern Czechs, according to data on the election server.

ANO first, Pirates second, ODS third

After tallying up all the votes, ANO eventually won just under 22 percent of the vote in the regional elections, thus clearly finishing first. The fact that the movement failed in the Central Bohemian Region did not change anything.

Pirates can also celebrate, gaining twelve percent and ranking second.

"I am satisfied with the result, we achieved what we wanted. We wanted 100 regional representatives and we have over 100. We are in second place and somewhere in third place in the regions, so it's great, "

said the chairman of the Pirate Party Ivan Bartoš.

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Volební štáb Pirátské strany.
Volební štáb Pirátské strany. Source:

The ODS party finished third. Chairman Petr Fiala is satisfied with the result. According to him, electoral coalitions significantly increased the ODS's electoral gains and gave them a chance to change the functioning of the regions.

Hamáček pushed back a tear

However, the one who cried over the results is the chairman of ČSSD, Jan Hamáček, who announced in the afternoon a the double-digit result would be a success. However, after adding up more than half of the districts, in the vast majority of regions the party did not get anywhere near a double-digit result. Due to such a drop, he is also thinking about taking further action in the party. He says he isn't running from the fight, but he is aware that he will decide at the next party convention whether he will continue as chairman of the party. His party did not gain even five percent.

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Jan Hamáček u volební urny.
Jan Hamáček u volební urny.Source:

SPD overtook KSČM

Deputy Jiří Dolejš called the election result of the Communists in the regional elections a loss. According to him, quarantine also limits the party's ability to respond to the results. He talked on Twitter about the need to find a way back up from the bottom. SPD also performed better, gaining over six percent.

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Tomio Okamura.
Tomio Okamura.Source:

Fight against Babiš

Miroslava Němcová from ODS has a reason to celebrate; she was thrilled by the result of the first round of the Senate elections in Prague 1. She wants to be on the team that's banding together against Andrej Babiš and Miloš Zeman. She considers them destructive to democratic principles.

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Miroslava Němcová kandidovala do Senátu.
Miroslava Němcová kandidovala do Senátu.Source:

This year's turnout was below 38 percent.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

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