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What happens when an attractive modern design is combined with top quality, handcrafted workmanship and innovative engineering in the cycling industry? The luxury Noordung Angel Edition electric bike.

An angelic ride with a designer Noordung electric bike

Eva Ledecká
19.Mar 2017
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If you still haven’t heard about Noordung, you maybe will in the near future. The company has launched a prototype of the perfect electric bike onto the market in a pre-production series of only 15 handmade limited edition bikes. 

The people at Noordung believe that commuting is not just about moving from one point to another. For them, it represents a journey of joy - of course if you can enjoy it riding a luxury bike which the new electric bike truly is. With a means of transport such as this, any commute is transformed into an enjoyable experience! Simply put, the brand has created a model for cycling fans, thanks to which they will be able to enjoy luxurious experiences whenever they get behind the handlebars.

Design and manufacturing gadgets

The Noordung Angel Edition is certain to captivate everybody at first glance with the unconventional shape of the bike and original spokes. The bike is equipped with an ultralight motor, so it is easier to handle and portable. It even boasts the title “Lightest urban electric bike in the world”.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 197m2-Praha 5
Luxusní byt na pronájem 197m2-Praha 5, Praha 5

The perfect experience from your ride is afforded by music played through speakers attached to the frame of the bike. You can of course play your own favourite music from your phone. And if your phone runs out of power? No problem. You can simply charge your smartphone, tablet or computer via a USB connector.

The luxury Angel Edition electric bike costs the equivalent of CZK 216,000.00.

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