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Fans of the Tata Bojs band - you should head to the DOX Centre. You will find here all things unseen!

Along the Streams of Cables to the Tata Bojs Studio! 30 Years of the Band at DOX (to 4.3.)

Eva Ledecká
30.Nov 2018
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TATA 30JS exhibition

Milana Caise probably does not need to be introduced. The co-founder of Tata Bojs, musician and visual artist. He composes the music, sings, and is the author of all visual designs for the band. Above all he stands behind the incredibly varied, interactive, fun and artistic exhibition at DOX, but of course it the work of the whole band. And what specifically is the lure?

30 years is a long enough time in order to create a unique exhibition, covering an area of 500 square metres.

"The DOX premises are inspirational and I think that we have managed to put together a very varied, diverse exhibition which will provide the visitors with a unique opportunity for a moment to enter the visually-musical world of Tata Bojs," says Milan Cais.

The band has, since its inception in 1988, released a total of 9 albums. At the exhibition, each of them is devoted a separate area. The exhibited works thematically, time-wise or directly touch upon the visual ideas of the given album, the concept or circumstances of its origin. Here you can find Cais´ paintings, drawings, 3D visuals, there are sound installations or glass sculptures, which were made according to Cais´design by glass master, Martin Janecký. There is also a cycling track in the shape of a horizontal number 8, referring to one of their successful albums.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

Follow the river of cables into the Tata Bojs sudio

Of course, there are also the albums themselves as well as pictures. You can have a look into the old studio, which is designed here like a small room, as well as the recording studio. Using virtual reality, you can be transported to the various eras of the Tata Bojs band and find yourself present to their sessions.

In DOX just follow the river of cables which will take you into the area where the exhibition is located. Start at the ground floor and have a look at the luxury installation with the piano! We wish you great cultural, music and artistic experiences.

Part of it are guided exhibitions and concerts. Information may be found at the DOX webpage.

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