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Expo 58 i.e. the Brussels Pavilion stands on Letná, always quietly and in solitude. Soon; however, it will become pretty lively! A great jubilee celebration is to be held there!

Air Infused with Creativity: Expo 58 Opens to Public! (27.-28.10.)

Eva Ledecká
18.Oct 2018
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Building Expo 58

Normally throughout the whole year the unique glass building towering majestically on top of Letná is closed to public except for special events. But now it is to open its doors wide since one very special event is upcoming! It is to celebrate 60 years of its existence and it was decided to share it with those who are able to appreciate Czechoslovak architectural skills. Do you belong among them? Set off to Letná Park on 27. or 28. October and explore the unique building up close.

Building Expo 58
Building Expo 58
There was a restaurant before

This timeless construction celebrates creativity and design

This October is a special month indeed, in all spheres there will be held interesting and unique cultural events from which it is difficult to choose. However, do not miss this opportunity to inspect a structure which made Czechoslovakia famous worldwide in 1958 through the EXPO exhibition, it would be great pity especially for architecture enthusiasts.

At the time of its foundation it was a really time-surpassing project. The Brussels Pavilion stands out for its exquisite curves, another dominant is the wing supported by buttresses. In the interior you can admire the famous fusiform stairways and the blue mosaic. The construction to this day represents first-class design, innovation and creativity.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Expospektiva in Letná: here you will find a truly inspiring environment!

Currently the building of Expo 58 houses the communication agency, Havas Prague, who has prepared a special programme for the visitors between 27. and 28. 10. It is commemorating project called Expospektiva.

There will be photographs of the period, furniture of the Brussels style, but also the most interesting advertising from the Festival of Cannes Lions and a 3D printing presentation. Let yourself be inspired, breathe in the air infused by creative potential and enjoy the chance to spend your time in the luxurious building, which 60 years changed the view of many when looking at the Czechoslovak Republic!

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