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COVID-19 unveils the dark side of society.

Agression increases along with the numbers of the infected! Death threats in the Czech Republic, capital punishment by firing squad in the Philippines

Martina Šmalclová
02.Apr 2020
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Togetherness, mutual support and help. We've been hearing these words frequently in recent weeks, yet on the other hand, with the prolonged period of quarantine and the growing number of positive cases, the dark side of society has begun to emerge. Some governments are imposing extremist measures, and where the government doesn't intervene, the public often (and with much zeal) takes the responsibility into their own hands...

In the Philippines, you just might get shot

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came up with a very radical solution to fight the coronavirus. He warned that if the citizens disobeyed the curfew imposed in the Philippines and disturbed the order, they could be shot. The number of infected people is still relatively low here in comparison with other countries - 2,633. The number of victims has climbed up to 107.

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Czech people curse skiers and tourists alike

This might come to you as a surprise, but Czechs don't go too far for harsh words either! A number of individuals began to lynch the skiers who'd returned from the Italian Alps on social networks, as they were supposedly not observing the quarantine rules. "The only thing people like you deserve is a bullet in the head...", says one of the comments.

Marek Ztracený was also a victim of threats

But it's not just skiers who are being hunted down. Singer Marek Ztracený, who has recently returned from the island of Mauritius with his family, has his own exprience with threats.

"After the experiences of the last few days, when I was getting messages like "you and your family should drop dead over there and not come back", "stay where you are, don't you dare to come back and infect us all", or "because of people like you, we'll never get rid of the coronavirus", "I came to realize that the greatest danger is not the virus, but the confusion and fear in our minds",

the singer wrote on his Facebook profile.

The police in India opted for bamboo sticks

In India, where a little over 2,000 infected and 58 deaths have been recorded to date, curfew is also in place. Are you wondering what happens when you decide to head out, disregarding this regulation? The police beat you up with bamboo sticks! Well, that might hurt quite a bit, but it's true that compared to the Philippines, it's still a walk through the park...

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