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Michal Marek introduced his divine new collection, 24/7-365/days-4ever, in Pragovka.

Agáta Prachařová as a model at Michal Marek's charity fashion show

Martina Šmalclová
28.Mar 2019
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A luxurious night in short

The designer divided his 24/7-365/days-4ever collection into three lines that create a compact unit together - men's, women's, and unisex. For guests there was a welcome drink in two forms - a mix of Tomo of Finland vodka, and a local drink from the Chomout brewery. The show promised a lot; just the campaign photos for the unisex line were made in the exotic environment of the Sahara desert. What Michal Marek ended up presenting, however, surpassed our expectations!

The show started off with the "Fag" line

Michal Marek kept the details regarding his men's collection secret to the very last moment. He simply said that it would be hot, and he delivered what he'd promised.

The show opened with the hit Sexy and I Know It; half-naked models appeared on the runway with neon and metallic colored shorts, knee-high socks or skin-tight tops. Man of the Year 2017, Matyáš Hložek, or Nela Boudová's son also appeared among the models.

Unisex for all

The second line that the designer presented was the unisex one. The campaign photos for it had been taken in Tunisia and we had the chance to see with our own eyes not only pieces filled with exoticism and metallic colors, but also discreet pantsuits. One of the most exclusive models was a brocade dress, worn by model Kateřina Wohlmann Votavová.

The Bára line carries a message and a touching story

When creating the Bára line, overflowing with delicate feminine lace, knitted fabrics and chiffon, the designer was inspired by a particular girl, who was born prematurely at six months and eventually got diagnosed with meningoencefalitis and Asperger syndrome. In spite of the unfavorable prognosis Bára took fate on and today she's very well read.

Bára appeared on the runway hand in hand with Agáta Prachařová, presenting one of Michal Marek's divine models.

Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Auction: Would you like to have dinner with Nela Boudová and Michal Marek?

The finale of the show was dedicated to an auction. Three paintings created as part of the collection, a painting by Antonín Kopp and a tailored dress by Michal Marek were auctioned off for the price of 52,000 CZK in total. The cherry on top was a dinner date with Nela Boudová and the designer himself, which the lucky buyer got for 14,000 CZK.

Profits from the auction will go to Bona, a charitable trust striving to improve the quality of life for people suffering from mental illness and to reintegrate them into society.

Performance by Eliška Rusková, Michael Hejč and Kamila Hübsch

The night was also livened up by a performance by Eliška Rusková, violin virtuoso Michael Hejč, and Kamila Hübsch, who closed the entire night.

The fashion show tour for the Bona charity trust continues!

You can see the show in Olomouc on April 12 and May 23, and one more time in Prague on April 26. The tour will be finalized with a show taking place as part of the film festival in Karlovy Vary, where Bona will receive their check.

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