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You might at some time in the past have noticed an interesting building on the corner of Jungmannovo náměstí and Národní třída. Divadlo Bez zábradlí is located there, as is the renowned Café Adria, originally the Reunion concert café. There is however much more which could interest you in this luxurious looking building.

Adria Palace: a theatre, a café and luxury art

Eva Ledecká
20.Dec 2016
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Palác Adria

Sometime at the start of the 19th century, a palatial residence stood on this site, built by Bishop Leopold Leonard Count Thun and the current appearance of which was bestowed on the building 100 years later when the original palace was demolished and a new one built for an Italian insurance company.



Josef Malínský is the artist behind the statues which decorate the building which was in turn designed by the architect Josef Zasche. The façade is classified in a style known as Rondo-Cubism, which could be interpreted as meaning “curved Cubism”. The author is the architect Pavel Janák. The upper floors of the façade take the form of fat towers reminiscent of a Renaissance Italian palace with fortifications. The current incarnation of Café Adria which has been open here since 2007 is also located upstairs.

An arcade with a hint of luxury

The building is an important cultural monument and offers a truly pleasant walk through the building via its luxurious historical arcade. The cladding is made from luxury pink and brown Austrian marble and you will find brass on the walls, chandeliers and other light fittings. The floor is covered in a wonderful marble mosaic. The arcade seems to have come straight from a fairy tale and at the end, many will say: why isn’t it longer?

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Unique electrotyped sculptural group

Jan Štursa was responsible for the decoration in the form of the Adria sculptural group which is located on the ledge of a parapet. This is an electroformed sculptural group and it is claimed that it is the largest in the world. It was manufactured in Germany at a special institute, is five metres high and weighs almost four tonnes. You will find it directly above the Adria Palace sign.

Astronomical clock and zodiac sculptural group

In the hall of Adria Palace, you will find an astronomical clock and sculptural decoration by Bohumil Kafka: Day and Night, the Sun and the Moon and a sculptural group of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

When you happen to be passing, take a closer look at the building and maybe go for a great cup of coffee there or visit the beautiful premises of Divadlo Bez zábradlí. The overall atmosphere of this place will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.


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Palác Adria
Jungmannova 31 110 00 Praha Česká republika