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Luxurious relaxation at the National Theater

The actors have a sauna under the roof of the National Theater! Now you can go there too!

Karolína Lišková
15.Jun 2020
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You can find saunas at every turn these days. Usually, it's large chain facilities, packed full of people. would like to present you a top secret sauna in Prague, accessible only for the "chosen ones", but you can easily become one of the VIPs. It's located right at the National Theater and the charismatic actor Stanislav Meyer will hand you your towels and sheets.

Do sauny se vejde maximálně 24 lidí.
Bazének na schlazení.
Výhled z oken je na Žofín.

This pearl of the 1980s, classified for everyone but the actors of the National Theater, who have been making good use of it after the exhausting performances, has been operating for thirty-six years. It used to be inaccessible to the public, but no one knew about it anyway. Only now does has it opened to the so-called people from the street. It's located on the roof of one of the New Stage buildings.

A great trio

Behind this new concept are three poeple - Stanislav Meyer, Lukáš Otevřel and Miroslav Sládek. Last year, the ND was looking for a new manager for the unprofitable sauna and they won in the tender. Although neither had any experience with a similar project, their love of relaxation united them. The goal was clear - to preserve the sauna.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The three gentlemen launched renovation. Understandably, everything was damaged and weathered after the years of use. The architects from Edit! Architects took responsibility of the renovation, which was finished in half a year and cost less than a million crowns. You'll find here a new Finnish sauna, which can accommodate sixteen people and its ceiling is lined with wood in the shape of the Czech flag. There is a central room with tables, a rest room with sun loungers and, of course, a sauna with a cooling pool.

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Trojice, která za tím stojí.
Trojice, která za tím stojí. Source: Honza Zima

Old furniture and carpets were removed, but details such as the typical wooden ceiling, chandeliers and views of Žofín remained.

Relaxation with music

You're probably aware that in each sauna, there's usually some kind of relaxing music playing... Here, however, you'll be able a whole new level of experience! If you come to the sauna after 7 pm, when the evening performances begin, you will quite likely hear a famous opera or some other performance. There's a reason why the trio gave the place the name National Sauna.

Originally, the gentlemen intended the sauna for only a select few, which doesn't come cheap. The plan was to issue 300 membership cards from CZK 500 (two entries per month) to CZK 3,000 (unlimited entry) per month. The reason for this is that the capacity of the sauna is only 24 people.

But since the coronavirus crisis has thwarted their business plans, a one-time entrance fee can be arranged after prior reservation.

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V sauně je zachovaná atmosféra 80. let.
V sauně je zachovaná atmosféra 80. let. Source: Honza Zima

"It costs 300 crowns for 90 minutes, all you need to do is make a reservation,"

Stanislav Meyer told us on the phone. On his Facebook page, he made the followings statement:

"We will try to open by the end of June and heat you up. You can help us a lot by coming and showing your support. After all, June is said to be cooler and your immunity will need a boost.

We will open in limited operation, from Monday to Friday - 15.00-22.00. We only accept payments in cash. It is also possible to buy a club membership + 10 discounted tickets or a gift voucher on site. I'm looking forward to seeing you - I'll personally hand you a towel and a sheet."

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