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Do you think diving in the Czech Republic is close to impossible? You couldn't be more wrong! Our country offers plenty of amazing places where you can dive!

ACROSS THE CZECH LANDS: The sea is not the only place for diving! These are the best quarries in the Czech Republic!

Eva Ledecká
13.Apr 2020
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We may not have a sea, but we do have conditions for a trilling diving experience! In Bohemia and Moravia, you can dive in flooded quarries, rivers and caves. It is the above mentioned quarries that attracts divers the most in our country. The reasons are obvious: the depth is ideal and the water clear. The living underwater world isn't the only thing you can see in Czech quarries! And if you want to try something really special, go for diving under ice!

There are several popular diving destinations in the Czech Republic. And trust us, there's much more to admire than just fish in these renowned dive sites!

Quarry Bořená Hora

The quarry Bořená Hora in Central Bohemia is one of the most beautiful locations. Its underwater kingdom offers sights such as a passenger car, a truck, and most importantly a sunken helicopter! Visibility in the quarry is from 2 to 8 meters and the maximum depth is 23 meters. There are great facilities for divers including a restaurant. If you are tempted to try diving here, you can stay in the luxurious Villa U Zatopeného lomu in Bořená Hora. A stylish name, right? The villa, which sleeps a total of 12 guests in 6 bedrooms, costs CZK 88,000 for 6 nights, which is CZK 1,200 per person per night, if fully occupied.


Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Quarry Horní Cerekev

This quarry can be found near a village of the same name in the Pelhřimov district. This time, you can spot a sunken boat under the surface, a figure of a water sprite or a 5 meter long wooden shark. The maximum depth is 21 meters and the water is the cleanest in the entire Highlands, which makes it a favorite bathing spot for people from far and wide.

If you're looking for stylish accommodation, there is no better choice than the romantic St. Vojtěch, which even has a deer park. It is located in the village of Počátky. In the high season, the price for 2 people and 3 nights is 6,300 CZK including a delicious breakfast.


Quarry Slověnice near Lišov

Another place that Czech divers love is the flooded quarry Slověnice near Lišov in the district of České Budějovice. And what is its major attraction? One of the largest caissons in Europe with 2 dry floors! Caissons are used in underwater construction and their purpose is to enable workers to carry out their work without the need for a respiratory diving equipment.

You can stay in Zvon Design Suites right in the center of České Budějovice. For three nights in the Executive double room, you will pay 9,400 CZK in the high season.


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Potápění v Čechách má své kouzlo
Potápění v Čechách má své kouzloSource:

Diving courses: Where and for how much?

Would you like to try diving in the Czech Republic? Naturally, we have plenty of diving schools to choose from. They offer a variety of courses that differ in the area of focus, difficulty and prices. Those depend on how deep you want to dive. The course consists of theoretical lectures and exercises in the pool. Free diving follows.

Price examples of Prague diving courses:

You can try a trial dive in a pool. That will cost you about 800 CZK.

Open water dives cost about 600 CZK.

A whole diving course for beginners costs around 8,000 CZK.

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