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Forget about Lago di Garda. Our cycling trails can match those in Italy!

ACROSS THE CZECH LANDS: TOP 5 cycling trails unlike anything you can find abroad!

Eva Ledecká
16.Apr 2020
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Do you like skating or cycling? Take these sports to the next, more luxurious level! How? Try out these 5 unique spots in the Czech Republic, which boast such beautiful cycling trails that once you've discovered them, you'll find riding your bike around Lago di Garda boring in comparison.

1. Jetřichovice circuit

This cycle path will take you through the natural beauties of Bohemian Switzerland, which is why we definitely consider it one of the most beautiful ones. Be prepared you'll have to put in a little effort. This trail includes several climbs, which make it unsuitable for skaters. It begins and ends in Jetřichovice and leads around the famous Bird Stones as well as the log cabins Na Tokáni. Enjoy beautiful views of one of the most beautiful sceneries in Bohemia and don't forget to visit the phenomenal, unique natural feature Pravčická Archway.

Length: 22 km

For families with children: no

Restaurant tip: Hunting lodge Tokáň

Accommodation tip: Wellness-Hotel Zámeček

Jetřichovice, Wellness-Hotel ZámečekSource:

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

2. Liechtenstein Trail

This cycling trail leads through the most impressive spots of the Lednice-Valtice area. You can admire the beauty of Lednice ponds, John's Castle, Valtice Rendez-vous or Three Graces. It is best to start and finisg the circuit in Valtice or Lednice. Get off your bike and visit both the beautiful castles, including the stunning gardens. Let yourselves be enchanted by the romance that radiates from every corner!

Length: 39 km

For families with children: yes

Restaurant tip: U Tlustých, Lednice

Accommodation tip: Chateau hotel Lednice

Zámek je od hotelu jen 2 minuty chůzeSource: Eva Ledecká,

3. Around Třeboň

Few Czech cyclists haven't visited Třeboň yet; the are is renowned for its cycling trails. They'll take you around multiple big and small ponds, through beautiful pure nature. These trails aren't challenging at all, which makes them the perfect choice for families with children. Moreover, staying in the town of Třebon is a balm for the soul. Visit the chateau, the town hall tower or take a break from cycling and sail the pond Svět on board of a ship.

Length: 39 km

For families with children: yes

Restaurant tip: Rybářská bašta, Třeboň

Accommodation tip: Apartments Třeboň Villa EVIO

Třeboň, vila EVIOSource:

4. Cycling trail at the Baťa Canal

The Baťa Canal was artificially built in 1938. Its depth is only 1.5 meters, thanks to which you can watch the locks working in several places. The whole trail leading from Kroměříž to Hodonin is 80 km long, but you don't have to go all the way. It's possible to take a boat and turn part of the journey into a luxury sailing trip. And what's not to miss on the way? Definitely the charming open-air museum in Strážnice!

Length: 80 km

For families with children: yes

Restaurant tip: Kafé Ehrenhaft, Veselí nad Moravou

Accommodation tip: Hotel U Zlatého kohouta, Kroměříž

Hotel U Zlatého kohoutaSource:

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

5. Elbe Trail, section Poděbrady - Nymburk

This relatively short cycle path is part of the long Elbe Trail, which runs from the spring of the River Elbe in the Giant Mountains to the North Sea, covering a total of 1300 km. We chose the stretch from Nymburk to Poděbrady and back, which is popular not only among cyclists but also among inline skaters. The whole of this section runs along the Elbe River and you can ride on both banks. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday atmosphere, which is underscored by a cruise liner, which regularly brings tourists from Poděbrady down the river.

Length: 28 km

For families with children: yes

Restaurant tip: Sotto Ponte, Poděbrady

Accommodation tip: Hotel Libenský, Poděbrady

Lázeňské město PoděbradySource:

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