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Czech waterfalls can hum, too!

ACROSS THE CZECH LANDS: Instead of Niagara, visit Czech waterfalls! These are amazing

Eva Ledecká
27.May 2020
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Niagara Falls! Everyone knows this powerful, wild, loud and astonishing work of nature! But can you think of at least one name of a waterfall located in our small Czech valley? Don't frown upon them. They might not be as majestic, as tall nor as famous, but believe us, some of them are quite apt at nostalgic humming!

Niagara Falls

The most famous of all three Niagara Falls is Horseshoe, reaching an altitude of incredible 52 meters! The towns near the waterfall are a great tourist attraction, and so is the sightseeing boat for 600 people, which takes you on a luxurious ride through the waterfalls. It's also possible to walk underneath them thanks to the elevator that takes you down to the river level. You should hear the noise! And there's one more interesting thing. Does the name Karel Souček mean anything to you? He is a Czech stuntman who went through the waterfalls in a barrel back in 1984! He is even buried in the local cemetery.

So that's Niagara Falls! Did we manage to lure you in? If your vacation abroads doesn't work out this year, don't be sad. Take it as a wonderful opportunity to get to know the beautiful Czech nature a little better. Make a trip to our own, somewhat more modest waterfalls. We recommend these four!

Mumlava waterfall

This is the most famous waterfall in Bohemia. Due to its size, it's the most sought after and it's also considered the most beautiful. A two-kilometer walk following the blue tourist mark from Harrachov in the Giant Mountains will lead you to it. The waterfall on the Mumlava River is almost 10 meters high and the water forms peculiar shapes here, called Devil's Eyes. When you stand under it, look up and imagine another 42 meters. That's the altitude at which Niagara roars!


Restaurant tip: Verde Rosa, Harrachov

Accommodation tip in Harrachov: Orea Resort Sklář

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Mumlavský vodopád - cca 10 metrů
Mumlavský vodopád - cca 10 metrůSource:

Orea Resort Sklář, HarrachovSource:

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Discover the little Niagara of the Pilsen region!

The chest of natural treasures and other interesting tourist wonders is full to the brim in the Pilsen Region. We've reached into it and picked two waterfalls for your enjoyment!

Waterfall Dírka (Little Hole)

This waterfall is located about 15 km northeast of Pilsen near the village Darová in the Nature Park Horní Berounka. It is 3.1 meters high and nature has conjured it up on the Dírecký brook. Compare its size and height with the Niagara Horseshoe and you'll immediately realize that its cute name really fits! This waterfall is the highest in the Pilsen region and it's also considered the most beautiful. Start heading towards it from Darovanský dvor following the red tourist mark and you'll get there soon.


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Vodopád Dírka
Vodopád DírkaSource: Foto: Milan Paluš

Hvížďalské waterfalls

The picturesque Hvížďalské waterfalls are located, for a change, south of the West Bohemian metropolis, below the Hvížďalka pond near Spálené Poříčí. The place is perfect for tourists and it even features a water slide in the summer season. The river Bradava flows through the pond, forming a gorge and the aforementioned waterfall at the other end. It's said that there's a deep lake behind it, where an evil countess drowned a long time ago; the sunken carriage with her body is supposed to still be there today! You can get to the waterfalls following a nature trail from Spálené Poříčí. A Czech stuntman has found his final resting place in the cemetery at Niagara Falls, here it's an evil countess... At least some resemblance!


Restaurant tip: Gusto Plzeňka, Plzeň

Accommodation tip: Parkhotel Pilsen

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Hvížďalské vodopády
Hvížďalské vodopádySource: Milan Paluš

Parkhotel PlzeňSource:

White Opava Waterfalls

And finally, we'll venture to Moravia, too, namely to the beautiful Jeseníky Mountains. In the Praděd National Nature Reserve, you'll find the canyon of the small river Bílá Opava, for which the name Bílá Opava Waterfalls has taken hold. Cascades, wild rapids and the aforementioned waterfalls lay up the river. The largest is almost 8 meters high. The Bílá Opava Waterfalls Nature Trail, which begins in Karlova Studánka, passes through here. Before you head here, you should mentally prepare yourself for crossing bridges and climbing ladders around the waterfall. On several spots, you'll have to hold onto installed chains to maintain stability. Reaching this waterfall is no walk in the park, which can also be said about walking underneath the Niagara Horseshoe!


Restaurant tip: Letní Lázně, Karlova Studánka

Accommodation tip: Hotel Singer, Ludvíkov

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Vodopády Bílé Opavy
Vodopády Bílé OpavySource: Milan Paluš

Hotel Singer, LudvíkovSource:

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