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Easy on the palate, heavy on your wallet

The 7 Most Expensive Foods in the World: Some are more precious than gold

08.Jul 2019
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To be able to taste the world's most expensive meals, you'd need to have tens of thousands of crowns at your disposal and luck in finding local suppliers. Some of these deliacies are produced in very limited quantities and as such, they are often auctioned off. Have a look at current top 7 most costly delicacies.


This spice is the most expensive ingredient - per gram, it is even more expensive than gold! This is mainly due to the demanding cultivation and harvesting process. Each saffron plant produces only three sticks, which have to be collected manually and air-dried. The production of 400 grams of saffron requires 40 hours of work. Quality saffron costs over 350 crowns per gram.

Kona Deep Water

The most expensive water in the world comes from a depth of 600 meters in the ocean below the Hawaiian Islands. As a result, it contains no contaminants and it's said to help lose weight and improve skin quality. This highly mineralized water is typically mixed with ordinary water. It enjoyes great popularity mainly in Japan and costs over 9000 crowns for 750 milliliters.

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White truffles

White truffles are expensive, because they are extremely rare. They are collected only in a few months of the year, the more unique ones growing in a single part of Italy (the Piedmont area), and specially trained pigs or dogs are utilized to find them. Depending on the harvest, the price can climb up to CZK 45,000 for 500 grams.

Yubari Melon

These special melons grown in greenhouses in the Yubari area of ​​Japan are sold for up to CZK 25,000. They are renowned for their taste and are considered the sweetest and juiciest melons in the world.

Wagyu Beef

The premium Wagyu beef comes from a famous breed of Japanese cows that receive treatment like in a five-star hotel. It is sold at a price of around 4000 crowns per kilogram. The most luxurious meat comes from Kobe, where only 3,000 certified cows are slaughtered each year, of which only a fraction is exported. The price is then double.

Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

This genuine and traditional balsamic vinegar is made from special grapes from Emilia Romagna in Italy and its production takes at least 12 years. Having been pressed and cooked, the vinegar is usually stored in wooden barrels for up to 25 years. You can buy 100 milliliters for 4000 crowns.

Young hop shoots

A relatively new fashion fad of gourmets are hop shoots that taste a bit like asparagus. Hop shoots are plant tips that aren't used in beer production and they must be collected by hand. For example, in Belgium and the Netherlands, they are sold at up to 25,000 crowns per kilogram. Shoots are expensive because only a small portion of them is intended for consumption.

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