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A life without packaging is certainly a big step towards improving the environment. But if you live this lifestyle you will have to forget about plenty of things you have become used to. Would you be able to manage it?

7 items that you have to give up if you want to live a waste free lifestyle!

Eva Ledecká
16.May 2018
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No condoms!

Everyone who promotes the waste free (or “zero packaging”) lifestyle endeavours to avoid plastics, waste and disposable goods as much as possible. We chose 7 items from our everyday lives, which you would have to forget about if you choose this lifestyle! Would you go for it?


How do zero waste enthusiasts deal with condoms? Difficult to say, there are naturally other methods of contraception but no pills or intrauterine devices will save you from sexually transmitted diseases. This is where we are slightly better off! The only possible protection is no sex...which would probably discourage even the most tenacious “zero waste” individual. The other option is 100% fidelity:)

Electronic cigarettes

More and more people - smokers are using electronic cigarettes because they want to improve their health a little. However a zero waste lifestyle basically precludes smoking. The cigarette itself has plastic components and you have to buy fillings. Nor can you go back to classic cigarettes in packs. The zero waste lifestyle is basically not for smokers!

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Contact lenses

Otto Wichterle was one of the most distinguished inventors of the 20th century. Soft contact lenses, the perfection and worldwide distribution of which he is credited with, are worn by people around the world. Zero waste enthusiasts will have to replace them with glasses, which may last them their entire life on the contrary to lenses. And it’s not just about the lenses themselves, the water used to store and clean them is also sold in plastic and the lenses are stored in a plastic case.

Decorative cosmetics

Zero waste enthusiasts can no longer buy decorative cosmetics. Why? Because they come in disposable packaging of course. We have read that there are some options in this area: you can colour your lips with beetroot, mix special makeup from curcuma, cocoa or cinnamon. Yes, even that is sold in packaging, but it is still better than the small packs of cosmetics bought at the drugstore. It may be best not to put makeup on at all in this case, don’t you think?

Pads and tampons

Dear ladies, you can forget about classic pads and tampons completely. If you want to live a zero waste lifestyle you have to buy a menstrual cup, which is apparently highly recommended by doctors by the way. It can be used repeatedly and is considered the most hygienic alternative. Other options are fabric pads, which can be washed. But many people consider this a Stone Age option, what do you think?


Medication is a significant issue. You certainly can’t obtain medication without packaging. So you simply have to make sure you don’t fall ill and if you do, then try herbs and our predecessors’ style of treatment. You may be able to cure a cough, but you certainly shouldn't experiment if you have more serious difficulties. Not even zero waste enthusiasts have a chance in this area.

Toys and supplies for children

Our lovely children use and eat what we adults given them. We can’t blame them for producing so much waste if we give them drinks in small packets and wrapped individually biscuits, when they learn to swim with an inflatable ring or plastic armbands, or when their cup, spoon and plate are made from plastic. They can’t help it if their wonderful Tatra truck, bucket and spade, rubber duck or even their beloved dummy is made from plastic! How do children of “zero packaging” parents live? Food is easily dealt with, but forbidding toys, which are unfortunately nearly all made from plastic and which all the other children have? I think you would need a lot of strength and very reasonable children to manage this!

You can read about the pitfalls of a waste free lifestyle and experiences with it HERE.

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