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From the 6th to the 1st place! The football player of the year is the goalkeeper from Seville Tomáš Vaclík

Eva Ledecká
19.Mar 2019
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Tomáš Vaclík

Do you like football? If your answer is yes, you couldn't have missed the Football Player of the Year poll. Yesterday, the best Czech football player was announced in Prague's Vinohrady Theater. This year the title went to Tomáš Vaclík from the FC Sevilla team.

Tomáš Vaclík
Tomáš Vaclík
Tomáš Vaclík

Tomáš Vaclík, 29, was active in Basel, Switzerland for the last four seasons and moved to Seville in Spain last summer. The Seville team is considered the absolute top of the football world and Vaclík confirmed that by ranking among the top goalkeepers himself. As soon as in November, he was declared the best player of the month.

He won 694 points in the Football Player of the Year poll, which propelled him to the first place.

"I'm a little mushy right now, it hadn't even occured to me I could ever win this poll. Maybe it is in our genes that we have such good goalies, us Czech folks," Vaclík said when accepting his award.

Last year he'd ranked sixth, so this victory had to be a really neat surprise for him. Vladimír Darida, last year's winner, ended up on the 11th place this time.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Who received the other awards?

The second place went to Pavel Kadeřábek from Sparta and Tomáš Suček from Slavia placed third. For the eighth time, Pavel Vrba from Pilsen became the coach of the year. Karel Poborský, the Vice-mister of Europe from 1996, joined the Hall of Fame. David Lischka from Jablonec was declared the talent of the year and Kateřina Svitková from the Slavia Praha team brought home the first place among female football players.

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