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Někdy můžete být jen krůček od toho se svým outfitem vyhořet! Dejte si pozor...

5+1 ladies fashion faux pas! Don‘t get yourself embarrassed like Bridget Jones

Dominika Žejdl
18.Dec 2018
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2 minutes
Don't end up like Bridget Jones

Sometimes, you can be a step away from looking tacky with your outfit! Watch out…

Are you getting ready for a social event, a fancy dinner, or a late night Christmas party? You can find a way to be charming at every opportunity. Are you debating what outfit you should go out in? We have a few tips for what to leave in your wardrobe, if you don‘t want to cause yourself embarrasment!

Every woman wants to look amazing and sexy, but she also has to consider what style she wants to present herself with. Sometimes, little is enough to fail with your outfit, and instead of the fancy lady you want to make yourself out to be, you could be perceived as lady of low morals, or even a boring hag. How to avoid this?

1. Sexy, but with caution! Forget the ultra small and all-revealing.

Of course, your mind is already imagining all those beautiful minidresses, in which you could finally show off your lush and sexy figure. Don‘t even think about that! Do you want to look like some girl from an escort service? You can show your figure in different kinds of clothes, and ultra mini clothes really aren‘t all that suitable for social events. That is, if you don‘t want to turn into sexy eye candy for your work colleagues or friends to drool over.

2. The dress code was set but you completely missed the mark…

Remember Bridget Jones, and how she came in to the garden party with her crazy playboy bunny outfit and everyone looked at her as if she‘d gone mad! You don‘t want to end up like her. So, definitely read your invitation before you go out, and you‘d better leave that sexy bunny costume at home in the wardrobe.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

3. Over the top make-up, that gives the chills

Fancy social dinner events are events, for which it’s really tempting to dab yourself with bold amounts of make-up. Be sexy of course, but don’t overdo it! Here the saying: “There is simplicity in beauty” fits as well, and if you make yourself into a clown, you won’t score points with your sexy colleague. If you by chance took him home, and he woke up in bed next to you the next morning with your make-up off, he might be in for a shock. The romance would be swiftly over!

4. A prudent nun? NO!

Every woman should retain in herself a bit of mystery, but please, do not make yourself into a nun, unless you are one. Don’t wear dresses that are too concealing, and that aren’t suitable to your age. You’d be turning yourself into a woman well over her age unnecessarily.

5. Watch out for the shoes you wear!

Since it’s a party, you want to look like a lady, forget the sneakers or the overly high, fancy heels. Sneakers suit a dress well, but only if you’re going for street style. If you’re attending an elegant social function, leave them on the shoe rack!

P.S Leave the girdles at home!

Since we talked about the fashion faux pas of Bridget Jones, we’ll caution you about one more thing. You’d be best off leaving those girdles at home in the drawer, unless you want someone to be cutting you out of them when you won’t be able to take them off.

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