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Each year the 13. May day is dedicated to all mothers. If you wish to make yours happy, too, and have fun, we are bringing you 5 luxury tips!

5 Tips of how to Celebrate Mothers Day in an Entertaining and Stylish Manner!

Eva Ledecká
13.May 2018
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2 minutes

Sing a song to her Mum!

And don't worry even if you cannot sing! Your Mother will appreciate the effort and will definitely enjoy if you play the luxury original from the Czech band, Lunetic, in the background. That song was recorded in 1998 and that year, and no doubt this hit, brought its breakthrough. Producer Stano Šimer noticed the band Lunetic and the singers began to host the then very popular television hit parade, ESO. "Lunetics” occupied top places of charts until 2003 and in 2000 the group even won a third place in the Czech Slavík awards.

Go to the Mamma Mia musical!

If singing really is not your strength we have a tip for you in the form of the luxury musical, Mamma Mia! Give your Mother a ticket for the musical, which will be on from 19. May to 17. June at the Prague Congress Centre. Buy two and offer her that you will love to accompany her. She is certain to be thrilled. When did you last go out to enjoy some culture together?

Have a meal together for example at the Mamy Food

Who is the best cook in the world? A stupid question ... Everyone knows that our mother! Let her take it easy this time round and prepare a luxury dinner yourself! Don´t cook and take her out to a restaurant, but remember to be smart. Choose carefully and make your selection also by name. In Prague, it could be the restaurant The Mamy Food, what do you think? You can find it in the centre of Prague near the Republic Square, to enjoy together healthy and delicious Korean cuisine and a menu made from the best raw materials.

Enjoy the evening with the movie Bad Moms

The easy and fun film from 2017 is a comedy to be gladly enjoyed by any woman or a young lady. And any sons might just once a year overcome their reservations! An evening with a good bottle of wine, something good to snack on and this witty film sounds flawless. Your Mother will definitely enjoy these moments with you and if she is a bit older than the mothers in the film, she certainly will like to remember the good old days when you were little!

Enjoy a weekend away at a hotel Bouda Máma!

What does any Mother after all the efforts of bringing us up really deserve? Peace and luxury relaxation in a pleasant environment? Of course! A stylish gift would be represented for example by a weekend spent at a wellness hotel, Bouda Máma! It is situated in the heart of beautiful nature of the Krkonoše Mountains in Pec pod Sněžkou.

Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m
Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m, Praha 7
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