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Which five heroes keep women awake?

5 Superheroes, Who Will Make every Lady´s Heart Race. Be One of them at New Year's Eve!

Martina Šmalclová
23.Dec 2018
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Muscles, charisma as well as noble objectives

To become a superhero for one night? Put on an iconic suit and radiate charm? One ideal opportunity is nearly here - celebration of the New Year! Show your untraditional take on New Year's Eve and arrive at the party dressed as Thor, Superman, Batman, Captain America or Iron Man. Each has his own task and unique capabilities. But one thing they have in common ... no woman can resist them!

1) THOR fights against injustice!

The mighty warrior and northern god, Thor, whose mission is to save declining human society, was played in the film version by charismatic Chris Hemsworth. Thor fights against wars, imperialism, capitalism and human evil. What helps him to achieve that? Magical hammer Mjolnir which accompanies him everywhere. Therefore it shouldn´t be missed out of your luxurious New Year´s Eve dress up outfit.

2) Swap the car for dumbbells and be like Superman

Legendary Superman has already been made several times over, inter alia starring John Newton, Christopher Reeve or Henry Cavill in the main role. Together with Batman, he belongs to the most famous superheroes.  And what makes Superman so unique? He is simply a luxury super man, who can handle anything from lifting of a car, through laser vision to exciting flying at light speed.

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3) Brilliant genius in a human body: BATMAN

He has no superhuman ability and everything he has is through hard work! Following a tragic murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne aka Batman trained a number of skills and soon became a brilliant genius. Not only is this superhero a luxurious martial arts expert, but he is also proficient in a number of fields; from mechanical engineering, through forensic science to information technology. He excels by psychological resilience and is able to control his mind and slow down his pulse. Batman was played by stars such as Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, Val Kilmer or George Clooney.

4) Charismatic intellectual called IRON MAN

Another man, concealed in a pile of iron has also been included in our ranking of charismatic heroes! Why? We will not lie, this is greatly due to the representative of Iron Man, the charismatic actor, Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark aka Iron Man has above average intelligence and is very resourceful. His greatest weapons are luxurious super dresses which make him almost indestructible.

5) A fearless saviour Captain America

The first suits of Captain America looked only very slightly amusing; however the ones worn by charismatic actor Chris Evans, are certainly not - there is something to look at here! Captain America is fast, powerful, has great reflexes and responds to everything almost immediately and never feels any fatigue! He can thank for his abilities to an experimental serum, so on New Year's Eve you can try to mix some luxury drink and maybe you will be able to throw away the costume on the following morning once and for all...

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